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How Do I Maintain my Filter Press?

August 27, 2021
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A filter press system is a great piece of equipment to have in your concrete or stone fabrication shop, but to keep it working in good order, you’ll need to prioritize its maintenance by using it properly and cleaning it regularly.

Use it Correctly

The first step of maintaining your large filter press is ensuring that you are choosing the right equipment for the job and ensuring that you’re using it correctly. If you overload your filter press, it won’t run efficiently. To help find the right filter press for the size of your operation, check out our past blog. Train your staff on the equipment so that they know how to run it. It also helps if you purchase your equipment from a team that will provide support and training. The Full Circle Water support team ensures customers are properly trained on all their equipment.

You can also help your filter press run better by pairing it with other equipment, like a chemical feed system, pH balancing system, or pit stirrer.

Keep it Clean

Slurry is certainly messy, so it’s only natural that wastewater equipment would get very dirty as well. Regular cleaning of your filter press plant, and the parts it’s comprised of, will keep the equipment running smoothly. The parts need to be unclogged regularly so they can do their job optimally. The woven filter cloths that are used to separate liquids from solids need a light pressure wash periodically. Clogged cloths are not porous, which means they will not provide highly filtered water. If you notice wet filter cakes and long filtration cycles, your cloths may be clogged. You may need to put the cloths through an acid rinse if the filter press is binding. Regularly monitoring and washing your filter cloths will prevent this. Keep in mind that you may need to replace filter cloths from time to time. Keep plates clean and free from sludge in-between cycles. Plates should be scraped between cycles. Plates may break, so keep extras on hand.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

To keep your filter press in optimal condition, regularly perform preventative maintenance. That includes regularly checking hydraulic fluid, the hydraulic cylinder, the power unit, the slurry feed pump, and oil levels. A small leak on the hydraulic line can cause big problems down the road. Make sure nuts and bolts are tightened and safety devices are in good working order.

Your industry can be hard on your filter press plant. Cleaning and preventative maintenance should be a regular part of your routine. If you have questions about your filter press system, contact Full Circle Water.