What Size Filter Press Do I Need?

July 8, 2021
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Now that you’ve read our last blog entry about what a filter press plant does (you can refresh your memory here), it’s time to figure what size filter press you need to handle the job. Whether you need a large filter press plant, a medium filter press system, a small filter press plant, or a custom solution in-between, Full Circle Water has the solution for you. Our filter presses come in a variety of sizes and they are rated in cubic feet of mud capacity. The larger the press, the higher its mud capacity.

Read our guide to help you decide what size filter press your operation requires.

Size of your Operation

The size of your operation will help determine the size of the filter press you need. A large operation that is processing a lot of water will require a big filter press plant to handle the job. The press plates are held together by 5,000 tons of pressure. The pump moves slurry from the pit into the press, where the filter cloth collects the majority of the sludge in the wastewater. The pumping slows as the pressure stops. Once this happens, the plates can be cleaned and the slurry cakes disposed of. This whole process can take as little as four minutes or can happen over weeks depending on your specific model and situation. Two primary factors determine how long this process takes: the size of the press and the amount of sludge.

Some large stone fabrication shops even opt for more than one large filter press to tackle the job. Full Circle Water has enhanced fully automated presses with options such as Bombay doors, conveyors, and cloth washing.

Portability Requirements

If you’re always switching jobsites, you may factor this into your final decision on the type and size filter press to invest in. If you’re working on small jobs here and there, a MudHen filter press—made in five different sizes—may be the best option for you as it will move around the jobsite easier. It can process upwards of 21 gallons of wastewater per minute. However, if your job requires you to travel from jobsite to jobsite but it is still a large operation, you may want to invest in a portable filter press trailer. It is entirely functional and serviceable in the field but will process more sludge than a MudHen.


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