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Go Mobile with Trailer Plants

Our portable trailer mounted filtration system makes treating your slurry out in the field easy. The trailer plants come fully loaded with all the equipment you need to clean your water—wherever you are located.

Rely on continuous online process monitoring so you can get the most out of your equipment. You can even choose to store data, monitor what’s trending so you can improve your processes, and opt to receive EM and PM notifications so you know what’s going on with your equipment at all times. Say goodbye to costly downtime!

Process slurry in real time!

Full Circle Water offers trailer mounted portable wastewater filtration systems that can process slurry and clarify water on your job site. Our trailers come with chemical feed, mixing, air sparging, and filtration options to dewater your sludge effectively and efficiently. Clarified water is then pumped back to your application for re-use. These mobile systems can clean wastewater produced from water jet blasting, cleaning, demolition, grinding, scrubbing, washing, or numerous other processes that produce slurry in the field. They’re also easy to service.

Full Circle Water’s portable trailers allow slurry processing to be done onsite in real time, which greatly reduces transportation and disposal costs. Our application experts can help with your specific needs. Customize your machine with additional features.


    • Highway compliant
    • Heavy duty jacks for load stabilization when operating
    • Toolbox with backup components
    • Customized controls for your application
    • Chemical feed
    • pH balancing
    • Mixing
    • Sparging
    • Filtration options
    • Metering
    • Controls and automation

    • a variety of water quality monitoring devices
    • drum and tote direct feeding
    • remote monitoring

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