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Our Award Winning Solutions are designed and inspired by our clients

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See why Full Circle Water is the industry leader in stone fabrication solutions. Our systems are known for their reliability and ease of use.

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We offer multiple solutions for the challenging environment of concrete water. Portable or permanent
systems are available.

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We are Full Circle Water

Full Circle Water is your unique wastewater partner. We’ve achieved business success by making the customer our priority, and by creating lasting relationships with our vendors and the industries that we serve based upon trust and service. We don’t just design and manufacture great equipment, we install the equipment and train your staff on best practices. After more than 20 years in business, we’ve come to understand the operational challenges industries are facing. Every product we produce is designed with this in mind.

With locations in the Midwest and on the West Coast, we have thousands of satisfied customers. Our knowledgeable staff have assisted in hundreds of specific applications. We can work within your specifications to meet and exceed your needs.
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Water Cost

Did you know that illegally dumping your wastewater can result in fines and even jail-time?

Our equipment was designed to help you deal with your slurry problem by offering turnkey equipment solutions. Whether you need the flexibility of our complete line of MudHen portable filter presses, our plate and frame manual and semi-automatic presses, or our fully automated equipment, we have the right solution for your application.

Full Circle water equipment easily separates solids from your wastewater, making them easy to dispose of. Reuse the water for your process or safely dump it. Either way, you can say goodbye to fines from non-compliance of city, state, and federal regulations.

Stop Slurry

water Saving

Full Circle Water understands that you are likely not making a profit by dewatering your slurry, but not doing so could result in hefty fines. That’s why we manufacture cost-effective, reliable solutions that are easy to use, require little to no downtime, and are customized to your industry.

Not only do we making dewatering easy, you have the opportunity to make a profit off the recycled product. There is also a tremendous cost savings on your decreased use in municipal water.

Stop Slurry


Full Circle Water is in the business of putting a stop to your slurry problems. We offer prepackaged clarifiers, filter presses, chemical feed systems, decanting silos, pump skids, and control solutions designed with you in mind.

Our equipment is designed for multiple industrial uses including: cement slurry, glass slurry, metal and metal finishing slurry, aggregate and sand slurry, stone slurry, clay slurry, precast slurry, food and beverage slurry, and more.

Stop Slurry

Our Award Winning Solutions are designed and inspired by our clients

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