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  • Clean water for reuse or safe disposal
  • Easy to manage dry cakes
  • Simple to use

Concrete slurry water filtration never has been faster, or more reliable.The MudHen series of portable concrete slurry water systems is designed for multiple modes of operation. The system comes standard with a 10-foot hose to suck slurry water out of any container. A standard garden hose connection on the output allows you to send the water to drain, to reuse the water, or to use the water to wash down your equipment. Cakes can be easily disposed of using optional trays or sludge bags, your wheel barrel, or your garbage bag/can.

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The MudHen can be used for any slurry water application, but it was specifically designed for the demanding world of concrete. The MudHen is a portable, flexible machine that can be configured and utilized in many ways. It can pull slurry water out of your containers, out of a pool, or any vessel. It can clean the water and put it to drain, or back into a container for reuse in your concrete equipment. The system can also be used to simply clean a dumpster, pit, or water tank and recirculate the water until the vessel is clean. Whatever your needs, simply wheel the MudHen into an elevator or through a doorway into your work area.
The MudHen comes in several sizes—MudHen 1, MudHen 2, MudHen Mini, and MudHen Max—that are designed to handle different water capacities. Add-on options include pH adjustment, larger pumps, slab carts, and trailer mounts.


    The MudHen utilizes large casters to easily move the unit around a jobsite. Simple mechanical controls and heavy-duty construction eliminate employee errors and problems.


    The MudHen is built to last, and when service is needed our technicians are available 24/7 to help. Components are carefully selected to minimize downtime.


    The MudHen comes standard with over 200 gallons per hour of processing capacity and can be easily accessorized with a larger compressor to handle over 500 gallons per hour of capacity. The concrete water system can outpace most teams of concrete professionals that saw and grind with industrial equipment.


    dimensions (LxWxH) in inches49x31x4855x31x4870x31x4896x31x48
    weight in lbs457576660800
    peak processing speed in gallons per minute2 gpm6 gpm12 gpm21 gpm
    air requirement @ 90 psi5 scfm8 scfm8 scfm12 scfm
    filtration capacity in cubic feet.3 CF1 CF2 CF3.5 CF
    air blow down featureyesyesyesyes
    suction line ID dimension in inches1 id1 id1 id1.5 id
    hydraulic jack in ton12121212
    Ingersoll Rand pneumatic pump in inches1.
    full automation operationnanaoptionaloptional