Dewatering Technology: Screw Presses vs. Filter Presses

Interior of a sludge tank of wastewater treatment plant.

The goal of sludge dewatering is to reduce water volume, allowing slurry to be condensed for easier disposal. When it comes to sludge dewatering technology, there are several methods to choose from. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so understanding the difference is key to knowing which method is best for your bottom line. Two common types of dewatering

Balancing Water pH: CO2 vs. Acid

Water filtration system, pipes and filters.

Industrial wastewater is dirty business, but it doesn’t have to be. Chemical filtration systems use acid to balance water pH levels. However, using carbon dioxide to clean wastewater can be a simpler, easier, and more environmentally-friendly way to balance the pH levels of water.   Carbon Dioxide Wastewater Filtering   Carbon dioxide (CO2) filtering is a method to rid wastewater

What is a Portable Slurry Plant?

Sewage industrial cleaning truck clean blockage in a sewer line.

Wastewater recycling can be a huge benefit for stone fabrication and production companies. However, it is not only permanent, fixed plants that can benefit from stone water recycling. Temporary and mobile operations can also benefit from stone water recycling with the help of portable slurry plants. Portable Stone Water Recycling Stone water recycling can be performed in the field with

The Basic Process of Stone Water Recycling

Wastewater flows into the wastewater treatment system

In the world of business, making money work harder for you is the simplest way to propel your business towards success. Stone water recycling is a useful way of meeting your company’s water needs and protecting your employee’s health, saving money in the process. Stone Water Recycling Having a water recycling system ensures that your company’s water is used, cleaned,

Bypass Commissioning with Smart Wastewater Equipment

technician engineer working to maintain a construction equipment industry

Shops that need a constant water flow have a problem: their equipment becomes outdated. Innovative solutions have been absent in most industries like stone, concrete, and granite. Older industrial wastewater equipment requires someone trained to commission the machines, and these wastewater solutions also need constant adjustment to keep your water flowing. The Problem with Wastewater Treatment Equipment Fabricators need something

Why It’s Important to Reduce Your Water Usage

Blue Piping Equipment for Water Supply System

Shops need a constant supply of fresh water, but there are numerous benefits to reducing your water usage. Since water is so important for stone fabricators, concrete shops, and many more, how can you maintain your processes and reduce water? Even though these things seem counter to each other, we can assure you that there is an easy way to do

Why You Should Replace That Old Settlement Pond

crushed granite gravel stone in a quarry open pit mining

Replacing the Settlement Pond If you work in any industry, you know that a settlement pond plays a large part in reusing wastewater. Water flows into the pit; you wait for the solids to settle to the bottom, pump out the clean water, and dig out the solids for disposal. This method is an old one but is necessary for

What Is an Inclined Plate Clarifier?

Clean water

Finding a Slurry Solution Industrial slurry is a pain. Plenty of industries use water for multiple processes, and the two we work with the most are the stone and concrete industries. There wasn’t a suitable method for recycling wastewater in the shop or on a job site for a long time. But now, with the solutions that Full Circle water

Which Wastewater Treatment Solution Is Right for Me?

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Choosing Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions Every job starts with a plan, but you’d be surprised to find that plenty of jobs fail to factor in suitable wastewater treatment plant solutions. Whether you work in construction, concrete, or stone fabrication, there are a wide array of choices unique to your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular

Why Treat Your Wastewater?

Water pollution foam on a freshwater canal from a beach to the sea.

How Treating Wastewater Benefits You We all know what wastewater treatment is. In case you don’t, then just know that it’s the process of converting wastewater from the industrial and commercial sector into clean water before returning it to the environment. The EPA requires wastewater treatment, and failure to follow the strict guidelines can result in heavy fines and even