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Introducing the All In One

Revolutionizing stone slurry treatment

With the new All In One (AIO), you’ll never have to wait for water again! The design was inspired by feedback from over 600 stone fabricators. The AIO boasts the highest performing tube settler per foot in the world. Not only is the system easy to use, it boasts continuous performance so that there’s virtually no downtime to hold your process back.

The AIO delivers like never before. It is designed to:

Increase water quality and clarity by improving the performance of the plate packs.
Increase value by allowing customers to easily self-install.
Reduce shop footprint. These systems take up little space.
Greatly improve the user experience by making the system both smarter and easier to live with.

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Never wait for water again!

  • Highest performing tube settler per foot in the world
  • Simple to operate
  • Industry leading reliability
Great water quality
Simple to use
Compact design
Incredibly Reliable

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Stone, granite and glass fabrication shops throughout North America understand the need to recycle their sludge water. Not only does stone water recycling allow water reuse and significantly reduce water use and costs, collecting the sludge aids in meeting federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances. Many of today’s consumers are searching for fabricators that utilize environmentally friendly business practices. Recycling water can be one of your most important marketing benefits.

Stone industry water involves multiple challenges. Individual stones such as granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and fieldstone each have unique characteristics. Glass is similar to these stones. Full Circle Water understands the challenges and offers industrial wastewater solutions such as filter presses, lamella clarifiers, vacuum drums, and silo systems.

Sludge water produced from stone fabrication presents unique challenges in sludge removal and in recycling of the water. The nature of the slurry varies by stone type, shop equipment mix, and specific operation of equipment. The largest issue is the removal of suspended solids (slurry) from the wastewater.
Offering multiple solutions to your challenging problems makes FCW unique. Most manufacturers offer one technology. Many times, this leads to unsatisfactory results and an unhappy customer.

No matter the stone processed, the resulting stone water sludge contains a very concentrated range of suspended solids. Stone industry water is made up of small particles of stone of various sizes ranging from as small as a fraction of a micron to as large as hundreds of microns. For reference, consider that a cross section of human hair is about 50 microns. Most of the suspended solids in the water are from 1 to 80 microns. By count, they tend to be 1 to 10 microns. By overall mass, the vast majority of the stone water sludge is in the 20- to 50-micron range.

The All In One slurry water plant is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the stone fabrication industry.  Stone fabricators and countertop specialists have struggled with maintaining adequate water quality and quantity and in managing their water system.  The All In One has greatly simplified the operation and maintenance requiring only minutes per day to manage.  Enhanced flow geometry and tube settling packs allow very clean water to be produced in real time as the shop is running so there is no waiting on water.

What makes your slurry settle out of suspension is the size and specific gravity of the stone water particles. The higher the specific gravity and density, the faster it settles. The larger the particle, the faster it settles. Some of the stone water particles can be so small that they will actually float in water for days before settling out.

What Makes The All In One So great?

The All In One is the ultimate Stone Fabricators wastewater equipment solution. It combines the clarifier, water tank, and pump skid into a single monolithic unit for easier, more compact installations. The core of the clarifier (the plate pack) and the control systems have undergone a major generational upgrade. The plate pack has been completely redesigned based on computational fluid dynamics and new plate materials, including an exclusive flow regulation technology developed by Full Circle Water. They were built to perform at full flow; they do not rely on throttling valves on the slurry inlet line. The system removes well over 95% of the solids in the slurry water with virtually no maintenance or babysitting required. For CNC spindle feed a simple large filter on the CNC spindle ensures that the water quality needed is met.

The touchscreens are big and bright with an easy-to-use interface and diagnostic capabilities. Almost any operation on the variable frequency drive (VFD), such as changing water pressure settings, can be easily completed from the touchscreen. If something goes wrong (like a purge valve not opening) the system knows and alerts the operator. If a purge valve sticks open, the system knows and shuts down. The system automatically adjusts to work load, purging more when the system is used more heavily (and not at all when the system is idle). Going to a second shift or working a Saturday won’t throw the system into chaos. Chemical dosing can be adjusted from the touchscreen without guesswork. Flow sensors can tell you how much water your shop is using (current and daily average). There is even a sensor to alert the operator if the system is low on polymer. And everything is tied into a multi-color status light and alarm that can be freely magnetically mounted on the system, so you know at a glance (or siren) if something has gone wrong.

Articulate error messages make it easier for the customer to self-diagnose and correct problems, making them more confident in the system and reducing the load on tech support. Solid state sensors have replaced all float switches on the advanced models, removing the risk of the float getting tangled or the contacts in it failing. A new generation of mechanically simplified, robust chemical pumps should reduce failures. Larger feed tanks make refilling easier, allowing a full gallon at a time of flocculant to be added. Other features, like a screen between the clarifier and water tank, reduce the potential for problems and downtime.

There are two control packages. The basic control package offers a similar functionality to our current design (a simple purge timer and a manual on/off switch for the repress pump). Basic systems include a stainless-steel pit stir wand for stirring up the pit as needed; the basic controller does not support an automatic pit stir system.

The advanced controller system uses a new 7″ touchscreen controller networked to a new suite of sensors and new VFDs to control the repress pumps. The advanced system comes standard with an automatic pit stir system. Advanced controller configurations include purge valve position sensors, a light stack/alarm, and low chemical sensors. A solid-state flow sensor—which tracks the amount of water being used by the shop—is available as an option.

  • Configurations

    ControlsSlurry pumpRepress pump(s)
    AIO-50Basic*1 HP3 HP
    AIO-95Advanced**1.55 HP with VFD
    AIO-140Advanced2 HPdual 5 HP with VFDs
    AIO-220Advanced3 HPdual 10 HP with VFDs

    * Single phase power is available as an option. All other models will be three phase only.
    **Basic panel will be available as an option.

  • Plate pack/water tank size

    Plate pack volume (gallons)Slurry pumpPlate pack surfaceRepress pump(s)Water tank volume
    AIO-50210240 sf600 gallons
    AIO-95350420 sf900 gallojns
    AIO-140610660 sf1,100 gallons
    AIO-22010401,270 sf2,600 gallons
    Park 80230105 sf-
    Park 90425230 sf-
    Park-100465390 sf-

    The AIO-50 is an entry level system. It includes basic controls and is designed to be as compact and affordable as possible for small shops while still providing uncompromised water quality. It is galvanized with extendable legs. The sludge skid normally goes under the unit.

    The AIO-95 comes with our advanced control package (including pit stir system.) It is galvanized and has extendable legs. Options include bromine injection to maintain water quality and pH control.

    The AIO-140 comes with the advanced control package and includes dual VFD driven repress pumps for efficiency and redundancy. It includes non-extendable legs (the sludge skid goes alongside the unit.) and 2-part epoxy paint.

    The AIO-220 boasts a plate pack system with three times the settling surface of comparable equipment. It’s the biggest clarifier we’ve ever built. It comes with standard twin 10 HP VFDs and 2-part epoxy paint.

    All advanced control packages have the option for dual slurry pumps.

  • Flow capacities

    Continuous duty flow*Peak Flow**Endurance at Peak***
    AIO-5040 GPM5045 minutes
    AIO-9570 GPM10020 minutes
    AIO-140125 GPM18014 minutes
    AIO-220160 GPM28018 minutes

    *Approximate amount of water the system can process continuously, assuming 30′ of head (actual and plumbing resistance) between the slurry pump and the top of the clarifier.

    ** Approximate flow the repress pump can provide without a substantial pressure drop. (This number does not factor in resistance of shop plumbing.) When continuous flow limit is exceeded, the water level in the water tank will drop while the level in the slurry pit will rise. In extreme cases in which a system is pushed to its limit with a pit smaller than the water tank, this could lead to the pit overflowing.

    *** Approximate amount of time the system can run at peak flow before running out of water. (Assumes a full tank of water.)

    Pump selections can be changed. For instance, a small shop that is buying an AIO-50 but wants more pressure to overcome restricted shop plumbing could opt for a 5 HP repress pump.