Minimize bacteriological concerns
in your closed loop water recycling system

Bromine Feed

Made in the USA

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If you’re worried about odors and bacterial growth in your wastewater, our Bromine Feed was designed for you.

The Bromine Sanitizing System automatically adds agents to the water to eliminate odor from potential bacterial growth within the entire water system. This saves you time and the potential headache of controlling and monitoring proper levels of chlorine or bromine in the water.

In our bromine sanitizing system, overall levels are monitored automatically and dosage is controlled via our smart touchscreen panel to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the bromine tablets that are placed in the feeder capsule. Bromine tablets slowly dissolve as water passes by them. Bromine produces compounds called bromamines, which work to disinfect the water, but unlike chloramines, they still remain active and continue to disinfect and will not produce odor like chlorine. Bromine is more effective at handling pH levels above eight than chlorine.

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