Chemical dosing and feeding pump and control packages

Chemical Feed Systems

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Chemical dosing and feeding packages for every application.

At Full Circle Water, we have an appreciation for the wide scope and range of different chemical feed applications. Our systems start out with very simple user-friendly controls and pumps, to more sophisticated fully automated options.

Coagulant, Flocculant, Polymer Feed Systems
We customize our systems to your unique application. We can make basic hand mix systems with chemical injections pumps, as well as fully automated packages with mixing, batching, metering, and feeding. Options include flow and level sensors, low warning indicators, variable speed, and dosing level adjustments.

pH Control Systems
Our automated pH controllers monitor the pH of your water and automatically provide doses to maintain an acceptable range. This ensures very low user involvement in controlling pH levels. The systems are used both for reuse of the water and for discharge to sanity sewer. Data logging options, as well as two-way control of pH are available.

Bacterial Control
Full Circle Water offers automated feed systems to assist in keeping bacteria at bay in industrial environments where bacterial growth is otherwise difficult to control.

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