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the EcoBoss

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The EcoBoss advances Co2 pH balancing like nothing else on the market. Many operators in the stone and concrete industry rely on harmful acids for pH balancing. These chemicals can be dangerous to handle, expensive, and difficult to incorporate into your process. In the past, alternatives to chemical pH balancing haven’t been feasible for shop owners. With the EcoBoss, you can rely on Co2 to deliver the same outcome with advantages over chemicals. 

pH Balancing Like Never Before

As pH levels rise in your slurry, the EcoBoss injects Co2 into your water pit. A high concentration of Co2 interacts with the water and returns the pH to a safer level. With the EcoBoss, you won’t have to manually adjust your water levels. Full Circle Water’s Co2 solution constantly monitors your water and automatically adjusts the levels as needed, to keep your water safe for your shop and the environment.  

More Advantages with the EcoBoss

The EcoBoss is advancing Co2 pH balancing in the industry. Our system provides unbeatable advantages over older solutions and chemical management.

  • Hands-Off Management – Because the EcoBoss constantly monitors your water levels and automatically adjusts, you’ll have a hands-off solution for managing your pH. 
  • Safe Operations –Harmful acids require additional training, wash stations, and OSHA safety management that puts your employees at risk. By using the EcoBoss CO2 to balance pH, we avoid unnecessary handling and management of harmful acids. 
  • Small Footprint – Full Circle Water’s EcoBoss has a small footprint that saves space in your shop. We designed our solution with a small footprint because we know how important space is in every shop. 
  • A Third of the Cost – Dangerous acids don’t come cheap. Co2 is widely available and can deliver the same results at a third of the cost. With the EcoBoss, fewer resources will be needed to control the pH levels of your slurry.
  • Simple Install – The EcoBoss is truly plug-and-play. With a simple install, using a 110v outlet and a Co2 feedline, you can get started immediately.

Our Pursuit of Excellence

All solutions from Full Circle Water are made with your needs in mind. We install slurry products throughout North America, with innovative products designed to save time, money, and energy for your organization. Are you ready to revolutionize your pH management with the EcoBoss? Contact us to get started.