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Semi-automatic plate shifters are becoming very popular on filter presses. A semi-automatic plate shifter allows a single user to efficiently manage the plates for cake removal from a filter press of any size. It offers all the traditional benefits of our state-of-the-art line of filter presses.

Full Circle Water manufactures an industry leading plate shifter. They are laser cut out of tubular steel and fabricated with stainless steel components for long life and durability. Our smart, safety-conscious design requires both of the operator’s hands to be on the shifter in order for the equipment to operate. This keeps them safely away from the moving parts and plates on the press.

Full Circle Water semi-automatic plate shifters can be purchased and installed onto existing filter presses in the field with just a few simple measurements needed to ensure proper fit and function. We also manufacture turnkey semi-automatic filter presses.

Because only one person is needed to operate the press, the press can process slurry water quickly. This provides you dry slurry cakes for disposal and clean water for reuse.

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Full Circle Water offers a variety of filter presses to meet many slurry dewatering applications. Presses come standard with recessed cloth, gasketed style plates and screens. Other features include electric hydraulics for more dependable and easy operation, and welded cylinders for longer lasting, more durable performance. These features and others, in addition to unparalleled service after the sale make Full Circle Water’s filter presses the best value on the market.  Size options available between ½ cubic foot to 250 cubic feet in capacity.

Whether you need the flexibility of our complete line of Mud Hen portable filter presses, our plate and frame manual and semi-automatic presses, or our state of the art fully automated equipment, we have the right solution for your application.

Our presses can be completely designed for your space and your application with your input from day one of the project.  Our knowledgeable staff have assisted in hundreds of specific applications.  We can work within your specifications to meet and exceed your needs.

Our filter press equipment is designed for multiple industrial uses including: Cement slurry, Glass slurry, Metal and metal finishing slurry, Aggregate and Sand slurry, Stone slurry, Clay slurry, Precast slurry, Food and Beverage slurry, as well as many others.