Joe Meyer, Pete Meyer and the Pristine Environmental team in St. Josephs, MN

Who we are

Todd MeyerAt Full Circle Water we design, build, and install wastewater treatment equipment throughout North America. We work hard to know and understand the challenges in industry and have designed our products to best meet your needs. Our products are engineered to be not only effective but to deliver substantial benefits for their cost. Most firms don’t make money treating their slurry so we continually evaluate our products to ensure they are as cost-effective as possible.

Where we are located

Full Circle Water is a privately owned family business with locations in St Joseph, MN and Las Vegas, NV. Our western office allows us to better serve our clients throughout North America with parts and stock available for overnight shipping through 6 pm EST. We have hundreds of clients throughout the USA and Canada and have traveling service personnel available for clients if needed.


Trained staff servicing on-site throughout North America.


We Care Deeply

  • We honor our employees and vendors advancing dignity and respect
  • We treat our customers as we wish to be treated
  • We actively support our industry and local communities

Passion Fuels Us

  • We seek to understand before we act
  • We set and achieve goals
  • We strive to continuously improve
  • We go the extra mile

 We Are Faithful to Tasks

  • We give tasks the focus and attention they deserve
  • We don’t cut corners
  • We finish what we start