What is a Filter Press?

June 2, 2021
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Are coagulants and flocculants just not cutting it anymore? If you’re sick of your slurry problems, you need dewatering equipment that can handle the job the first time, and every time thereafter. A filter press is engineered to turn even the dirtiest water and toughest slurry into crystal clear water that can be reused for washdown processes or disposed of safely.

What is it?

A filter press is used to separate solids from liquids. Slurry flows through the center of the machine and liquid begins to separate from mud. The mud begins to turn to a thick sludge, also called a slurry cake. Pressure builds as the cakes form and the remaining liquid is run through the filter cloths with the force of pressurized air. The filters are stacked in the machine and can easily be moved and opened, allowing the solid waste to fall out. The placement of the filters makes the filter press easy to clean. It’s equally easy to replace a filter. Filter press technology is the perfect piece of dewatering equipment and it can be used across a number of industries. Filter presses are commonly used in stone fabrication shops, marble shops, the metal finishing industry, and the concrete industry. Filter presses can even be used for blood plasma purification.

Different Styles

There are different styles of filter press technology that you can utilize depending upon the industry you are in. Filter presses are categorized into four styles: plate and frame, recessed plate and frame, membrane filter presses, and automatic filter presses. They all vary slightly and require varying degrees of labor. An automatic filter press is fully automated utilizing motorized hydraulics, so no one is required to move the plates. This also presents a lower operating cost. A semi-automatic filter press requires one person to operate.


Utilizing a filter press in your operation offers numerous benefits. For starters, if you aren’t properly treating your wastewater to begin with, you will avoid costly dumping fees and even jailtime if you begin treating your wastewater. Filter presses are a very reliable alternative dewatering solution to ineffective methods like coagulants and flocculants. The machines meet the demands of even the toughest slurry and they consistently meet water requirements. You can count on very clean water and slurry cakes that can be disposed of or reused.


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