Benefits of a Slurry Pit Mixer

July 28, 2021
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Slurry is messy and dealing with it can be an even messier process. That’s why at Full Circle Water we’ve fine-tuned products—like the filter press—to make the process of treating your wastewater a whole lot smoother and cleaner. And because we know that no one enjoys cleaning a slurry pit, we offer a slurry pit mixer or a slurry pit storm.

What is a slurry pit mixer?

If you’ve ever had to clean your slurry pit, you know just how helpful a slurry pit mixer can be. If you’re unfamiliar, the slurry pit is where your store your slurry until it is pumped through a filter press or clarifier to be treated. Depending on what type of slurry you deal with, including concrete slurry and stone slurry, you may encounter issues with solids sinking to the bottom of the pit, floating to the top, or sticking to the sides. As the slurry sits in the pit, the solids and the liquids can also separate. This makes it difficult for your pumps to do their job and pump the slurry to its next destination. Slurry pit stirring helps resolve this problem. Special scrapers on the slurry pit mixer significantly reduce the risk of sinking, stuck solids in your pit by redistributing the solids. A slurry pit storm utilizes high pressure water to blast your slurry. It swirls and suspends the solids, making it so that they can be easily removed from the slurry pit by your slurry pump.

What are the benefits of a slurry pit mixer?

If you want to cut down on slurry pit maintenance, utilizing a slurry pit mixer or a slurry pit storm is the way to do it. They will greatly reduce annoying, messy, difficult pit maintenance. Not only that, but you will notice that the homogenized slurry allows for more consistent pumping and filtering. This makes the wastewater treatment process smoother overall, leads to better performing equipment, and extends the life of your wastewater equipment. That means, with a slurry pit mixer, you are not only preventing excessive pit maintenance, but you’re also making your overall operation run smoother with less downtime and less plant maintenance.

How is it installed?

The slurry pit mixer is easily installed into your mixing pit, so you can quickly get back to work. The mixer runs on a customizable platform with programmable controllers, so you can set up automatic stirring or choose a more customized schedule.


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