Always on the Move

At Full Circle Water, we take our core values seriously. One of them is to always be adaptive and evolving. Always listening to a client’s story and providing the best possible solution to their water recycling needs. Sometimes, that can be found on one of the many products we manufacture. Sometimes it is a combination of those things. And sometimes it means we go back to the drawing board, and develop a completely new product designed specifically for an application.

Such is the case for Triverus, a company that manufactures municipal cleaning vehicles among other things. They contract with the Minneapolis Airport Commission for the vehicles they use to clean the parking garages, but were grappling with how to clean up the slurry water created by their process. In the initial contact, they felt like filter press technology was the way to go, but after a site visit and bench testing their slurry, it was easy to see that was not their best solution. They needed a settling system, but it also had to be portable, and it had to work fast. When the airport closes down a level for cleaning it has to be done fast. Their lots frequently fill up fast, and when one of them is closed, it is inconvenient, and costs them thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

After many conversations, a few ideas drawn out, and some testing, we were ready for fabrication. The end product was mounted on a trailer that could navigate the tight turns on their helix’s in the parking garages, and could do the job fast. With a minimum amount of “in the field R & D”, the garages are being cleaned at a record pace, with virtually no downtime or messy clean up.

Slurry water samples taken from chemical feed systemThe water samples in the photo were all taken while we were dialing in their chemical feed system on site. It underscores the importance of understanding the relationship of a chemical process and certain types of slurry, and how our years of research and experience helping our customers get the best possible water quality can come into play.

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