Benefits of a Slurry Pit Mixer

Benefits of a Slurry Pit Mixer

Slurry is messy and dealing with it can be an even messier process. That’s why at Full Circle Water we’ve fine-tuned products—like the filter press—to make the process of treating your wastewater a whole lot smoother and cleaner. And because we know that no one enjoys cleaning a slurry pit, we offer a slurry pit mixer or a slurry pit

What Size Filter Press Do I Need?

A Full Circle Water filter press plant.

Now that you’ve read our last blog entry about what a filter press plant does (you can refresh your memory here), it’s time to figure what size filter press you need to handle the job. Whether you need a large filter press plant, a medium filter press system, a small filter press plant, or a custom solution in-between, Full Circle

Concrete Wastewater Treatment Methods

Concrete wastewater plant lit up by lights at dusk.

If you regularly work with concrete wastewater, you probably already have a concrete wastewater treatment method in place. However, working in the concrete industry requires you to constantly be innovative. You must be innovative with how you dispose of waste (and how much you create) in order to prevent costly fines and environmental harm. Quality control is constantly at the

What is a Filter Press?

A side angle view of a filter press. Cake carts sit below it and a large white tank in the background says Full Circle Water.

Are coagulants and flocculants just not cutting it anymore? If you’re sick of your slurry problems, you need dewatering equipment that can handle the job the first time, and every time thereafter. A filter press is engineered to turn even the dirtiest water and toughest slurry into crystal clear water that can be reused for washdown processes or disposed of

The MudHen Spotlight

Picture of the portable MudHen filter press used for concrete wastewater filtration

At Full Circle Water located in Central Minnesota, we are proud to offer a line of products that makes concrete wastewater filtration a breeze. One of our products that is especially popular with customers, the MudHen filter press, is portable. It can be brought out to the jobsite and easily moved around, making it a great option for the concrete

Why is Dirty Water Bad?

Person in a blue plastic suit with yellow gloves and rubber boots leaning over a body of dirty water

We all know that dirty water is bad and no one wants to drink it, but why exactly is dirty water so bad? Dirty water can be dangerous, not just for humans who drink it, but the ecosystems that are affected. Dirty water is placed into three categories according to how unsafe and unsanitary it is. Let’s learn a little

How to Reuse Water in Your Industry

Now that you have a clarifier or filter press or equivalent wastewater system in your shop, do you know what to do with your recycled water? Water reclamation is the process of taking water and reusing it for other processes. There are a variety of ways that you can reuse your wastewater, from reusing it in your concrete operation to

Automatic versus Semi-Automatic Filter Presses

Is it time to upgrade your wastewater treatment equipment? A filter press is a fantastic option, especially if you have a large shop that runs a lot of product and you need very clean water for reuse or disposal. Once you decide that a filter press is the best choice for your operation, you have a few choices to choose

Slurry Bags—How Do They Work?

If you have slurry that needs dewatering, then slurry bags are a must-have product. Small stone fabrication shops that utilize a clarifier to dewater their sludge typically have a sludge skid with a sludge bag underneath the clarifier. The sludge bag helps rid the sludge of any excess water.   Process The sludge skid is designed to hold the slurry

Filter Press Versus Clarifier

So, you’ve got a slurry problem and you don’t know what to do about it. If you’re worried about being fined for dumping your slurry, or your dewatering method just isn’t cutting it anymore, you need to expand your horizons and pursue other options. Depending on your operation and the size of the operation a filter press or clarifier is