How American-Made Wastewater Treatment Solutions Avoid Supply Chain Issues

September 16, 2023
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In recent years, the global supply chain has suffered a series of setbacks ranging from a global pandemic to logistical and transportation issues at some of the world’s busiest ports. Decades of reliance on offshore manufacturing, coupled with these issues, has led to severe and lasting supply challenges across the globe.

Fortunately, professionals in the wastewater industry have options. Choosing to do business with local manufacturers and purchasing American-made equipment can mitigate the impact the global supply chain has on your business.


Reduced Lead Times 

Purchasing machinery from offshore vendors increases the risk of unforeseen complications, such as shipping delays. Sourcing industrial wastewater treatment solutions from manufacturers in the United States reduces lead times and simplifies the equipment purchase process.

Buying from Local Suppliers 

American vendors often provide faster delivery than offshore competitors because they ship from sites that are geographically closer to their products’ final destination—and they don’t need to worry about shipping their equipment by air or sea.

Moreover, overseas products sometimes fall victim to transportation bottlenecks and port congestion. In 2021 the Suez Canal was blocked for six days, severely slowing trade across the globe. American manufacturers ship via American shipping routes, limiting the chances of a blockage or bottleneck.

Keeping Parts in Stock 

A fully stocked inventory of spare parts can keep your industrial wastewater solution running in the event of an unexpected equipment failure, decreasing downtime for the entire system and mitigating lead times for specific processes. Full Circle Water has a range of rugged, American-made parts available in our facilities for overnight shipping across the United States.

Independence from International Events 

Major international events and global disasters can directly influence the performance of your wastewater solution. For example, nations that experience resource shortages or civil crises may undergo periods of intense inflation, which can increase costs for anyone trying to source their equipment from that nation.

Other events that may impact a project’s cost or timeline include:

  • Extreme weather and natural disasters, such as fires, floods, and droughts
  • Energy shortages
  • Material shortages
  • Labor strikes
  • Civil unrest

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many countries to adopt stringent public health regulations, many of which will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. For example, mandatory lockdowns in China shuttered most factories and led to a drop in production and exports in 2022. While production has ramped up since then, the event serves as an example of what can happen should another health emergency emerge.

Made-in-America solutions are resilient to international supply chain disruptions because they don’t depend on other country’s regulations to be delivered. Purchasing from a local manufacturer protects your project from outside forces that could impact your bottom line.

Personalized Customer Service 

Over the years, consumer standards for customer service have steadily risen, and today, customers expect a fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and personalized customer service.

Choosing to do business with an American manufacturer ensures you receive assistance from an expert professional that understands your unique situation—not a disconnected voice from across the world. Many manufacturers, including Full Circle Water, will even travel to your worksite to provide hands-on, in-person assistance and training.

Contact Us for American-Made Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions 

The worldwide supply chain can be volatile. International issues such as material shortages, price hikes, and delivery delays can make sourcing a comprehensive wastewater solution from overseas difficult or impossible. Choosing to source from American companies instead can protect projects from supply chain disruptions and save businesses time, money, and stress.

All of Full Circle Water’s equipment is 100% made in America. We offer a range of products designed to provide a comprehensive wastewater solution that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you be the boss of your slurry!