Automation, Robotics, and the Future of the Stone Industry

August 5, 2023
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Recent advances in automation have impacted nearly every industry, and the stone industry is no exception. It’s no surprise automation has dominated recent trends in the stone industry, as effective fabrication automation can make stone operations more efficient—even in the face of a declining workforce. Moving forward, it will be important for businesses in the stone industry to understand exactly how automation will impact them, their employees, and the future of stone.

Maintain Efficiency with Fewer Employees

Recently, it’s become harder to find people with both the will and the ability to work in the stone industry. Hiring has trended more toward tech-heavy jobs and the development of new and more powerful computers.

To compensate for the lack of skilled workers, industry managers can implement industrial automation to streamline certain areas of their workflow and boost operational efficiency. As a bonus, automated processes tend to be safer than manual ones, decreasing the risk of worker injuries. For more information on what automation can do for efficiency and safety, check out our blog post on “Automation in the Stone Industry.”

Utilize Customizable Robotics 

While robotics is still a relatively new field, it’s already making waves in the stone industry. Many stone manufacturers have already begun using robots that are custom-designed to measure and cut stone with laser accuracy, boosting production and minimizing faults in the finished product. In addition to boosting workplace efficiency, robotic automation helps production managers improve performance in areas of the business that may be underdelivering. Whether you’re a small, independent business or a nationally recognized company, taking advantage of robotics can boost productivity and take your operation to the next level.

Plan for A Successful Transition

Emerging automated fabrication technologies won’t impact all areas of the stone industry equally. Some areas will benefit more from new tech, while others will remain mostly unchanged.

Digital Templating 

Using digital templating software is one of the easiest ways to boost productivity in the stonecutting industry. By using lasers and other precise instruments, workers can construct a set of detailed measurements that automated stonecutting equipment can use to produce uniform stone fixtures. Using automated equipment in this capacity reduces the number of errors made during the installation of countertops, hardscape elements, and more.

Stone Cutting 

Sawjets are programmed to cut stone precisely as dictated by a digital template. Using a sawjet ensures your stone products are free of errors, which can help boost company credibility while cutting down on the cost of replacing products that were cut to the wrong size.

Edge Polishing

Utilizing automated polishing equipment allows you to serve more customers faster. Automated polishers polish, edge, and chamfer stone products all in one go, saving time, money, and manpower.

Revolutionize Your Stone Wastewater System with Automated Fabrication Equipment

Wastewater can be a major problem in the stone industry, but automation can help. At Full Circle Water, we equip your business with automated wastewater equipment fully customized to your needs—from all-in-one plants to slurry silo plants.

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