What Is an Inclined Plate Clarifier?

December 7, 2021
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Finding a Slurry Solution

Industrial slurry is a pain. Plenty of industries use water for multiple processes, and the two we work with the most are the stone and concrete industries. There wasn’t a suitable method for recycling wastewater in the shop or on a job site for a long time. But now, with the solutions that Full Circle water provides, there is one for every shop, experience level, and workload.

Finding a slurry solution like our Rapid Settlement System allows you to avoid fines associated with contaminating water during your processes. In addition, recycling wastewater can save companies thousands of dollars a year in water use. One of the best methods to accomplish this goal is with an inclined plate clarifier.

What Is an Inclined Plate Clarifier?

An inclined plate clarifier is one of the best methods to separate slurry from industrial processes like stone fabrication and concrete processing. An RSS (Rapid Settlement System) eliminates the need for settlement ponds. Instead of pumping water through a large pond and waiting for solids to settle to the bottom, the RSS simplifies the process and does it more efficiently.

The Rapid Settlement System still relies on gravity to separate solids from your wastewater, but it does so by utilizing a row of inclined plates to do the work. Water passes into the RSS and flows up through the plates. The solids from the water cling to the plates and simply slide down into a basin, eliminating the need to clear out a settlement pond with a backhoe. When this inclined plate sedimentation slides to the bottom, it too can be emptied for reuse or disposal.

Finding the Advantage

You may be wondering if an RSS is appropriate for your operation. We designed our inclined plate clarifiers to carry two distinct advantages: avoiding government fines and saving companies money. For one, the EPA has strict guidelines on how to dispose of your wastewater correctly, and failure to comply with these standards will hand your company a harsh, sometimes crippling fine.

Avoiding fines isn’t the only advantage of adopting our Rapid Settlement System. In addition, the savings you’ll enjoy year over year in water will surprise you. You can find out for yourself how much you’ll save with our water audit.

The only thing left to consider is the disadvantages. The good news? There are none. Full Circle Water’s RSS is designed to fit in every shop and requires as little downtime as is mechanically possible. The machines are easy to operate and can save you a fortune every year.

Suppose you’re worried about your organization’s water bill and want to avoid the harsh fines associated with improperly disposing of your wastewater. In that case, Full Circle Water has the right solutions for you. Contact us to get started and find your answer.