What is a Portable Slurry Plant?

February 26, 2022
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Wastewater recycling can be a huge benefit for stone fabrication and production companies. However, it is not only permanent, fixed plants that can benefit from stone water recycling. Temporary and mobile operations can also benefit from stone water recycling with the help of portable slurry plants.

Portable Stone Water Recycling

Stone water recycling can be performed in the field with portable slurry plants, offering companies the ability to bring water recycling on the go. Portable slurry plants have all the benefits of stationary plants, along with a few extra advantages unique to the transportable system.

Portable Slurry Trailers

Portable slurry trailers, like Full Circle Water’s trailer plants, are assembled on semi-trailer frames. Featuring robust jacks to stabilize the system during use, these trailers are both portable and highway compliant. Some models also include toolboxes with spare parts, customizable controls, and many water filtration options.

Thankfully, extensive training and certifications are not required to operate portable slurry stations. The user interface is easy to navigate and intuitive, allowing operators to easily utilize the trailer without excessive training. Portable slurry plants also offer storage, data trending, and EM and PM notifications.

These mobile wastewater recycling systems can be assembled at your job location in as little as 3 days. They feature extensive warranties, ensuring they meet your needs for the entirety of a temporary job’s duration.

Mobile and Stationary Systems

Mobile, portable trailer plant systems can be automated just like stationary plants.  They have options for pH balancing, sparging, mixing, metering, and chemical feeds. For a mobile company, or company whose jobsites switch with the season, utilizing a mobile slurry plant can bring all the benefits of a stationary slurry plant to your current job site and the next.

Each job site is different, and no two companies’ needs are the same. For this reason, it’s important to consult knowledgeable wastewater treatment technicians to ensure you are getting exactly what your operation is looking for. Get in touch with the slurry pros at Full Circle Water to learn more about our portable slurry plants.