Mudhen MH 2

Clean My Water

Fast, reliable, and portable concrete slurry water filtration solutions.

Mudhen 2

Mudhen 2

  • Only need air to operate
  • Durable powder-loaded frames
  • Easy-to-operate control interface
  • Multiple sizes

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Mudhen 2

The MH2 has twice the capacity of the MH1 between cleanings and allows for more clean water production. The system can be designed with the portable sludge slab cart – or you can use a wheelbarrel or other container for removing the sludge slabs.

Dimensions of the MUDHEN MH2 is 31” wide, 71” long, 48” high.  Equipped with an air operated pump (Ingersoll Rand). The system needs a minimum of 8 scfm of air. The MudHen produces between 8 & 12 gallons per minute of clarified water. The MudHen holds 2 cubic foot of solids.


  • MH2
  • 660 lbs.
  • Peak processing speed 12 gpm
  • Air requirements @ 90 psi is 8 scfm
  • 2 CF filtration capacity
  • Air blowdown feature
  • 1 id suction line
  • Hydraulic jack 12 ton
  • 1.5 inch Ingersoll Rand pneumatic pump
  • 13 screens


  • Caster Wheels

“The Mud Hen is extremely durable and dependable. If I do have any questions they respond immediately.”Javier Lopez, A Cut Above Concrete Polishing
“The Mud Hen is a very valuable asset to our business.”Chris Williams, Cardinal Concrete Coatings

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