Mudhen MH 1

Clean My Water

Fast, reliable, and portable concrete slurry water filtration solutions.

Mudhen 1

Mudhen 1

  • Only need air to operate
  • Durable powder-loaded frames
  • Easy-to-operate control interface
  • Multiple sizes

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Mudhen 1

The MUD HEN MH1 is the most effective portable slurry water recycling system made. It can fit in an elevator, through a standard 36” door, and on a tommy gate lift. Over 200 gallons per hour of slurry water can be treated – cleaning takes less than 3 minutes. Filter slabs are easily disposed of.

The MUD HEN MH1 dimensions: 31” wide, 55” long, 48” high. Equipped with an air operated pump (Ingersoll Rand). The system needs a minimum of 8 scfm of air. The MudHen produces between 4 & 6 gallons per minute of clarified water. The MudHen holds 1 cubic foot of solids.


  • MH1
  • 576 lbs.
  • Peak processing speed 6 gpm
  • Air requirements @90 psi is 8 scfm
  • 1 CF filtration capacity
  • Air blowdown feature
  • 1 id suction line
  • Hydraulic jack 12 ton
  • 1.5 inch Ingersoll Rand pneumatic pump
  • 7 screens


  • Caster wheels (removable)

“The Mud Hen is a very valuable asset to our business.”Chris Williams, Cardinal Concrete Coatings
“The Mud Hen is extremely durable and dependable. If I do have any questions they respond immediately.”Javier Lopez, A Cut Above Concrete Polishing

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