How to Maintain a Filter Press

July 22, 2018
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Here are 5 simple actions to take to make sure your filter press is running properly:

  1. Wash the cloths periodically with a light pressure wash. Proper care and maintenance of the filter clothes are important to the performance of the filter press. The filter cloth must remain porous to provide high filtration rates. Some indicators that the clothes have become clogged include: initial high filtration pressure, long filtration cycles, and wet filter cakes. If cloths are cleaned regularly clogging should be avoided.
  2. Check the hydraulic fluid on a quarterly basis. If the hydraulic fluid has dirt or excessive water in the oil, then it should be replaced right away.
  3. Check the hydraulic cylinder and power unit for leaks on a yearly bases and repair as needed.
  4. Check and maintain the slurry feed pump specifically by manufacturers recommended service.
  5. If the filter press is binding, put the clothes through an acid rinse.



After going through and checking, replacing, and cleaning parts to you filter press and it still isn’t running properly there are two options:

  1. It may be time to completely change out your filter cloths.
  2. It may be time to upgrade your filter press to a press that can handle more slurry water.

Full Circle Water can help with your filter press cloths or upgrades, give us a call or visit our website, we would love to hear from you!