How to Not Get Mothballed

February 13, 2019
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Have you ever heard the term, “mothballing”? Defined simply, it’s the act of keeping broken, unusable equipment in a corner where it collects dust and takes up space. Businesses typically intend to get the equipment fixed and running again, but it ends up as a pile of junk in the corner. Considering the investment people make in this type of equipment, this can mean a lot of wasted money. We see this far too often with expensive slurry water filtration systems. Instead of getting filtration systems fixed, they return to other ineffective water treatment methods, or they simply stop treating water all together and illegally dump it. Avoid mothballing with these tips.

Ask Questions

Ask questions before you invest in a concrete slurry water filtration system. You want a reliable, fast option that is going to work for your unique wastewater. Provide details about your application, and what exactly you’re looking for in a system. Be sure you understand how everything works—from filter presses to rapid settlement plants and slurry silos—and what will work best for your application. You want a system that is easy to use with controls that are simple to understand for the best operation.


Is the system you’re investing in known for its reliability? Ask and research. Read reviews on the system from others that have invested. Check to see if the equipment is manufactured in the United States, and if parts can be easily sourced.


Ongoing Maintenance and Training

To ensure you don’t get mothballed, it’s best that you have several people on staff that know how to properly operate the wastewater system. Employees should be thoroughly trained. Like any machine, if employees are operating it incorrectly, it’s more likely to breaking down. Find out if the company you’re buying from provides ongoing maintenance or support. Will the technicians be available to help troubleshoot problems?


Full Circle Water can help you be the boss of your slurry with fast, reliable wastewater systems and 24/7 support from technicians. If you have any questions or concerns about mothballing, we’d be happy to answer them!