How Do I Know my Filter Press is Full?

February 22, 2019
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A huge part of maintaining your filter press to ensure it runs efficiently is operating it properly. As with any piece of equipment, if you’re running it incorrectly it is more likely to malfunction and need maintenance work. To avoid that problem all together, be sure your staff is properly trained. Among other important steps, they should be aware of signs that the filter press is full.


There are several ways you’ll be able to tell if your filter press is full. For starters, you won’t be able to pump any more slurry into the press due to excessive back pressure inside the press. Typically, about 80 psi of pressure will cause the air feed pump to stall. If it isn’t stalling, it may be cycling every 6 seconds or less. Too much pressure can lead to system malfunction, potential leaks, and damage to your equipment. If you notice that no water or very little water is being produced and pushed out of the press, even though the slurry pump is on, the filter press may be too full.


When purchasing a press, you’ll want to choose the correct size. In many cases, investing in the biggest filter press isn’t always the best option. Depending on your application, cake and water quality can drop if the press is oversized. A too-large press can also make costs rise unnecessarily. It’s important to be thoughtful when considering the size of your filter press as it relates to your application needs. When deciding what size filter press your need, consider the quantity of solids being filtered and the gallons per minute flow. If you only need to filter a few gallons per minute, a smaller filter press plant should work great. Otherwise, go for a large filter press plant.


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