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Case Study—envyR Surfaces

December 6, 2019
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Brad Norris, owner of envyR Surfaces, knows all too well the struggles that come with being in an industry that produces slurry. That’s why he decided to invest in a stone wastewater recycling system, the hydrotower, from Full Circle Water.


Norris has been in the stone industry for more than 30 years, and he needed the perfect solution for the wastewater and sludge he produced from his stone application. Not only did he want to be a good water steward, but he also wanted to find an affordable option, and he didn’t want to have to replace his septic system every few years. There is an abundance of water systems out there, and many businesses are trying to find out which one’s work best for them but are still cost effective. Far too often, the systems either don’t work like they should, or they’re much too costly and don’t work well. “There are German systems out there that don’t do what this one [Full Circle Water’s] is doing and it costs three times as much,” Norris said. He even has friends in the business that have stopped using their wastewater equipment because it doesn’t work well.


At envyR Surfaces, they cut thousands of square feet per day, and they produce a lot of slurry. Before using Full Circle Water equipment, they had to do it the old-fashioned way and put it in certain pits and hire a company to come and take it. Their custom system from Full Circle Water takes care of the process much better and faster. The system works great and it’s adaptable, so they can add on if they feel they need to. They’ve already been able to innovate on certain components like the compressor and the slurry recovery dumping system to make it more efficient with their process. “I can’t say enough on how dependable and how much of a tool this is for us to stay in business and to grow. Every single one of my job sites now I buy one and put it in there due to the fact it makes our job so much easier and we stand out. We stand out because we are using the right equipment for the right jobs,” Norris says.


envyR Surfaces even got a visited from the EPA a month after they opened. They were looking to see what was being dumped do their drain field. Norris proudly smiled and took them back to where the wastewater recycling system was set up. The EPA was both shocked and pleased.


After decades in the business, Norris has plenty of advice to give. One piece of advice he always gives is to go with Full Circle Water equipment. “We have been very happy with it and I would recommend this company to anybody out there, and have.”