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21st Century Processing: Cement Wastewater Treatment Machine

August 9, 2018
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Concrete production generates wastewater that needs to be processed and cleansed before it can be used or returned to the earth.  Traditionally, companies would transport worksite wastewater and then store and process it off-site, where rainfall would increase the total volume of water in need of processing.  Once treated, the water would then be transported back to the worksite for re-use.  This process used significant resources of time, energy and money.  In the 21st Century, a better way is available – a way that makes both environmental and financial sense.


The Cement Wastewater Treatment Machine entirely eliminates the need for off-site transport.  TSS, lime, metals, oil and grease levels are all reduced to US EPA-compliant levels. This allows the cleansed water to be immediately re-used at the worksite, where it’s needed.



Although concrete wastewater is associated with harsh pH and alkalinity, the Cement Wastewater Treatment Machine is built tough.  Created with high-grade industrial materials, the machines maintain efficacy in even the harshest conditions.  The equipment has a long service life and requires much less maintenance than older, less efficient technologies.  Cement Wastewater Treatment machines also reduce the environmental footprint of worksites, putting less pollution into the air as a result of the complete elimination of the need to transport water for processing.


Cement Wastewater Treatment Machines are custom-designed to be used either as stand-alone units or integrated into current systems.  They are technically supported to ensure life-long efficiency and operational training is included.


Cleaning wastewater generated from concrete production is necessary.  The most modern, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method for processing is an onsite Cement Wastewater Treatment Machine. Contact XXXX today to learn more.