Why You Should Replace That Old Settlement Pond

December 24, 2021
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Replacing the Settlement Pond

If you work in any industry, you know that a settlement pond plays a large part in reusing wastewater. Water flows into the pit; you wait for the solids to settle to the bottom, pump out the clean water, and dig out the solids for disposal. This method is an old one but is necessary for job sites where a lot of water is needed.

However, Rapid Settlement Systems (RSS), filter presses, and slurry silos are becoming more popular every year. Do you need one of these solutions? If you’ve been asking why you should get rid of your settlement pond or oxidization pond, you don’t have to wonder anymore. We’ll cover some of the advantages of ditching the pond for an RSS and how it can save you time and money in the long run.

Saving Time

Time is critical in any industry. You’ve no doubt heard that it’s equal to money, but we’ll cover money in a moment. First, we need to address time, and the reality is that a settlement pond takes much more time to process wastewater. While pumping water into a slurry or oxidization pit, you’ll have to wait a varying amount of time for solids to settle toward the bottom. Depending on how large of a hole you make, you’ll have to frequently stop to clear the pit with heavy equipment like a backhoe.

These factors result in a lot of downtime. A dedicated machine, like an RSS, cuts that time down considerably and ensures a steady, reliable supply of clean water to your job site or shop. Saving time is an excellent boost to your shop’s productivity and allows you to do more work in a day than other operations still tied down to using a settlement pond.

Saving Money

Weren’t we just talking about how time is money? First things first: we should briefly mention that all this saved downtime will result in a profit boost. Your workers won’t ever have to stop and wait for water again. You won’t have to frequently halt your operation to clean out the pit. An RSS is designed to require as little downtime as possible so that you can maximize your profits.

Because our products are designed with ease-of-use in mind, you won’t have to spend all that margin you made to hire someone with special training. Full Circle Water’s All In One was designed with a smart interface that anyone can use.

We’d be silly to talk about money and not mention fines. If you work with wastewater, we know fines probably keep you up at night. It can be impossible to know when you’re violating wastewater treatment regulations. Even if you do know, it can also be challenging to know how to correct the issue. No matter the situation, our solutions help you properly reuse wastewater and dispose of the solids without violating any rules or regulations.

We set out to build solutions that would help you never lose sleep over wastewater again, and that’s what we did. Wastewater treatment solutions from Full Circle Water are on the cutting edge in the industry. You won’t find anything like what we’re doing on the market, and that’s because no one thought to do it before. Get the solution you deserve by contacting us now.