Why pH Adjustment is Critical for Wastewater Treatment

May 28, 2022
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Potential hydrogen, or “pH,” is the measurement of hydrogen ion activity within a solution. With a range from zero to 14, the pH scale is the standard for determining if water is acidic—a pH below seven—or basic—a pH above seven. In the world of wastewater treatment, pH is crucial in determining whether water is safe to be released or reused.


Wastewater Regulations

Government regulations in America are set by the Environmental Protection Agency and determine wastewater pH standards for discharge. For example, concrete wastewater discharge must be between six and nine on the pH scale. The guidelines for various areas of wastewater industries can be found here.


pH Control in Wastewater Treatment

Because of these regulations and to ensure that your wastewater discharge is safe to release back into the environment, controlling the pH of your wastewater discharge is essential. Installing a pH balancing system might be the solution for your business’ needs. Full Circle Water pH Balancing Systems can both monitor your water and adjust the pH balance.


Controlling pH levels within your wastewater is done through chemical treatment. In order to determine which chemicals to use, you first need to identify what pollutants are contaminating the water, as well as the starting and ending pH levels. Due to the distance between pH levels being ten times what they appear, it can be difficult to drastically adjust the pH level, especially to a small range on the scale. Choosing the right water treatment chemical is essential to getting the greatest benefit from your pH balancing system.


pH Control Solutions with Full Circle Water

Choosing a company to handle your wastewater solution is no small decision. When the solution matters, choose Full Circle Water. Visit our website to see how we can assist or add to your water treatment system, or contact us for more information.