Why Every Stone Fabricator Needs an All In One Solution

October 29, 2021
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Sparking a Revolution

Stone fabricators have a problem. They need a way to manage the slurry from their process that’s easy to install, easy to use, and boasts crystal clear water quality. Our All In One (AIO) solution delivers like you’ve never seen before.

Inspired Design

There are thousands of stone fabricators across the country. Each one has a unique perspective and different needs. That’s why we used feedback from over 600 stone fabricators to design this product. No matter the situation, we wanted our AIO to serve clients regardless of their slurry separation needs and processes. With the help of multiple perspectives, we have delivered a product worthy of everyone’s consideration.

How Does it Do It All?

We set out to combine the multi-faceted aspects of slurry separation. When we made the AIO, we found a way to combine the clarifier, water tank, and pump skid all into one massive unit. The combination also had the added benefit of making it more compact, for easier installation in tight spots.

Also, in the last few years, plate packs and control systems for slurry separation have received a major upgrade in quality. The AIO uses the latest technology to deliver the most efficient process. We also have another few tricks up our sleeve including exclusive flow regulation technology and a plate pack redesign.

The Full List of Features

If you’re one of the many stone separators in the country, then you no doubt understand the qualities needed to maintain your slurry separation process. We understand them too, which is why we designed our AIO to increase water quality, increase customer value by allowing easy self-install, reducing shop footprint, greatly improving user experience. On top of that, our exclusive AIO also has bragging rights. The All In One boasts the highest performing tube settler per foot in the world.

With this list of features, you’ll never wait for water again. The continuous performance of our product will ensure that there’s no downtime during your slurry separation.

Want to chat with someone about this revolutionary piece of equipment? Get in touch with one of our slurry experts today and invest in equipment that was made with you in mind.