Which Wastewater Treatment Solution Is Right for Me?

November 22, 2021
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Choosing Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Every job starts with a plan, but you’d be surprised to find that plenty of jobs fail to factor in suitable wastewater treatment plant solutions. Whether you work in construction, concrete, or stone fabrication, there are a wide array of choices unique to your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular products and how you can leverage them to provide your worksite with clean water time and time again.

Selecting a Slurry Silo

In the concrete and stone industries specifically, slurry silos are used with significant effect. Slurry silos are effective because we design them to handle the process using a technique called decanting. With this method, your slurry flows from the pit into a top collection chamber. In this chamber, you’ll mix in polymers to increase water clarity before the concrete and stone fines settle to the bottom. From here, the clear water rises and spills over the top into a collection tank.

Because of this simple process involving few moving parts, you can be sure a slurry silo will function with reliable and simple operation. We also designed our slurry silos to require minimal downtime and maintenance, making them one of the most reliable machines for supplying your job site with clean water. Additionally, when combined with a filter press, this is one of the most effective methods for providing clear water.

Using a Filter Press

A filter press is one of the best industrial wastewater treatment solutions. You may have heard these devices referred to as plate or frame presses, as well. These machines function using a special pneumatic diaphragm pump. Slurry gets routed into a press containing several plates before flowing through a filter cloth. Once enough backpressure has built on the plates, the pump kicks off. Clean water then flows into a receptacle.

Filter presses do require regular cleaning of the press plates and eventual replacement of the filtering cloth. But in return, the filter press is one of the best solutions for providing extremely clear water. The fabric can filter particles as small as 1 to 5 microns, which few other machines can match.

The Power of Portable Solutions

There are answers for job sites that are far away from home or even too confined to fit a more prominent wastewater treatment solution. You can use a trailer plant to meet all your clean water needs for jobs in the field. This trailer-mounted portable wastewater solution can be placed anywhere on the job site with trailer access. The machine comes with chemical feed, air sparging, and filtration options to supply clean water. This trailer plant is beneficial for jet blasting, cleaning, demolition, grinding, scrubbing, washing, and numerous other processes.

The Mud Hen is a perfect machine for smaller jobs that simply require you to pull slurry out of smaller containers. This machine was designed with concrete in mind but can serve a myriad of other industries. The Mud Hen comes in multiple sizes, each small enough to roll around on a cart around the worksite. If you’re looking for something that requires peak performance while maintaining optimum form factor and maneuverability, then look no further than the Mud Hen.