What Size Filter Press Do I Need?

January 7, 2019
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If you’re working in an industry where wastewater is a byproduct, you’ll need an effective method to treat the slurry water. A filter press is the perfect solution, but it isn’t just one size fits all. When choosing a filter press, you have countless options and setups to choose from to fit your needs. Choose from fully integrated components designed to match your needs and specifications, as well as optional automated flush valves, fully customizable control panels, screens and mixers, and automated pH or disinfection feed systems.


It’s important to consider size before investing in a filter press. It’s easy to simply choose the biggest option and assume the filtration process will go smoothly as long as it isn’t overloaded. Bigger is not always better, so you should choose a filter press after carefully considering your needs and the application you are using it for. In certain applications, cake and water quality can drop if the press is oversized. Additionally, a too-large filter press can make your costs rise, not only with initial purchase, but when running the machine. However, thoughtful design and pairing with other technologies can reduce the size and overall cost of your project.


To determine what size filter press you need, consider two main factors: the quantity of solids being filtered, and the gallons per minute flow. If you only need to filter a few gallons per minute, a smaller filter press plant should do the trick. If your gallons per minute flow is much higher—for instance, 100 gallons of water per minute—you’ll want to go with a large filter press plant.


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