Using the MudHen | Portable Slurry Water Filtration

August 25, 2022
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Plenty of operations need a way to process slurry water, whether they’re in a shop or on a job site. Larger organizations counter this need with a slurry pit or even a dedicated slurry water filtration system, but these methods are costly and require a larger space. What about smaller operations? Luckily the MudHen can help.


Portable Slurry Water Filtration

The MudHen is a fully portable, compact slurry water filtration device. With many options for configuration, this device processes slurry water. You can pull water from containers, pools, pits, or any vessel. With five sizes, you can select the model of MudHen that is right for your processing needs. But who is this machine best for?


Polishing, Drilling, Grinding, and Sawing

When designing the MudHen, the demanding world of concrete served as the inspiration. Since its inception, however, this device has served operators in the stone, marble, and granite industries. After your water is processed by the MudHen, it’s ready for reuse in your workspace. Cakes are easily disposable with optional trays, sludge bags, or your standard wheelbarrow.

The MudHen can be used for a variety of tasks in any industry.


Wet Concrete Sawing

Wet cutting allows for improved health and safety on your site, more precise cuts, and no overheating. But these improvements come with a price, which is the need for slurry cleanup and a constant water supply. The MudHen allows you to experience the benefits of wet sawing with none of the drawbacks. Our device supplies a constant stream of water and converts slurry into easily-disposable cakes.


Concrete and Granite Polishing

The MudHen’s applications aren’t limited to sawing, they also help with polishing services. Concrete and granite polishers prefer to use wet polishing tools to extend the lifespan of their abrasives, but slurry disposal can cause some downtime. The MudHen manages slurry for you, so you can continue working without the hassle and benefit from all the advantages wet polishing has to offer.


Drilling and Grinding

Wet drilling and grinding come with some considerable advantages, like limiting hazardous dust and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Slurry, however, may be a difficult undertaking for any team. The MudHen supplies the water source you need for both tasks and makes slurry cakes that you can easily dispose of.

Working with Full Circle Water

Where can you find a MudHen? This device is available from Full Circle Water. Chat with a slurry pro to find out how the MudHen can revolutionize your slurry water filtration process. With this revolutionary device, slurry has never been easier to manage.