Three Important Benefits of a Portable Slurry Plant

October 11, 2021
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Becoming the Boss

We talk a lot about being the boss of your own slurry. And for good reason. Slurry from concrete fabrication can cost fabricators plenty of time and energy to solve. When not solved correctly, improper waste management can lead to hefty fines and even jail time for the people responsible.

When it comes to choosing a slurry separation plant, we think there are plenty of good options, but one stands above the others for a good deal of our customers.

Introducing the Reigning Champ

If you operate a business that produces slurry in the field, or even on location, there’s no better option that a portable slurry treatment plant. The mobile systems at Full Circle Water can cleanse water from jet blasting, cleaning, demolition, grinding, cutting, grooving, scrubbing, washing, and many more.

Plenty of all-in-ones or filter presses can do similar things, but the portable slurry separation plant has a few distinct benefits we’d like to highlight.

Its Specialty is In the Field

A lot of jobs require slurry separation on site. It can be difficult to set up a good process for water separation on these jobs. That’s where our mobile solution shines. Our trailer-mounted portable filtration system is maneuverable on the trailer, making it easy to place on the job site. Additionally, this maneuverability makes it extremely easy to service while in the field. If mobility and service is important to your work, there’s no better solution than a portable slurry separation plant.

Its Smart Interface Won’t Have You Flipping Through a Manual

Separating slurry is already hard enough. It’s just another thing that a site manager must worry about. Our portable solution is smart. Not only is the interface easy to navigate, but it also performs tasks like data trending, storage, EM notifications, and PM notifications.

It’s Jam-Packed with Features

You don’t have to settle for a lack of features with a portable slurry treatment plant. Our solution to your problem maintains all the benefits with none of the drawbacks while you’re working on a site.

Some of these features include:

  • Highway compliance
  • Heavy duty jacks for load stabilization when operating
  • Toolbox with backup components
  • Customized controls for your application
  • Chemical feed
  • pH balancing
  • Mixing
  • Sparging
  • Filtration options
  • Metering
  • Controls and automation

Taking the Next Steps

If you’re intrigued by our portable solution, we can’t blame you. Managing your slurry is one of the most important aspects of your job. But where do we go from here? If you want to become the boss of your own slurry, the next step in the process is reaching out to chat with a slurry pro. Do it today and see how Full Circle Water can help you become the boss.