The Important of Slurry Pit Design | Reducing Slurry Pit Accidents

May 18, 2022
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If you’re in the industry of stone or concrete fabrication, you’re likely familiar with slurry pits and their dangers. A slurry pit is a hole or concrete pit where wastewaster is stored. The composition of this slurry varies from industry to industry, but in the fabrication market, slurry is typically a combination of unfiltered water and suspended stone or concrete solids.

Slurry pits present a few dangers than can make them a hazard to your employees, but the right design—or even the elimination of the pit entirely—can improve their safety.

The Dangers of Slurry Pits

The largest dangers slurry pits present are suffocation and drowning, as it can be nearly impossible to climb out after falling into a slurry pit, especially for seniors and children. Another common danger is the toxic fumes that slurry pits can produce. These occur more often in agricultural settings but can also occur in industrial settings. Depending on the composition of the slurry, one breath of these gasses can be enough to cause instant death.

Reducing Slurry Pit Accidents

To reduce slurry pit accidents, proper safety measures are essential. One of the best ways to improve your slurry pit safety is to limit the ability for people to fall into the pit. This is easiest to do when building a slurry pit, but safety measures can be added on to existing slurry pits as well:

  • Surround open pits with a 6 ft. high fence that is both unclimbable and locked
  • Construct an access platform with safety rails
  • Add warning signs clearly stating the dangers of slurry pits
  • If agitation is necessary in your industry, only do so on windy days

There are also slurry pit regulations, which dictate specific safety measures required for your wastewater pits. Make sure you stay up to date on all local and state slurry regulations.

Reducing Slurry Pit Dangers with Full Circle Water

Another great way to reduce slurry pit dangers? Eliminate the slurry pit entirely with solutions from Full Circle Water. Full Circle offers wastewater solutions for stone and concrete fabricators, including complete wastewater recycling systems, allowing your operation to improve its overall safety, save money, and reduce its environmental impact. Get in touch with a slurry pro at Full Circle Water to learn how we can help.