The Features and Benefits of the WAVEXP System

May 12, 2024
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Safe disposal of stone and concrete slurry is one of the most important aspects of a successful industrial operation. While many water filtration systems—like filter presses—fill specialized roles within an existing workflow, very few slurry filtration systems are truly capable of processing stone slurry from start to finish. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce the WAVEXP system from Full Circle Water 

The WAVEXP (formerly known as the All-In-One) is the ultimate stone slurry filtration solution. Inspired by feedback from over 600 trusted industry players, our advanced water filtration system utilizes the latest technology—including our proprietary flow control system and streamlined clarifier mechanics—to provide operations with clear water, faster.  

WAVE XP Features 

We designed the WAVEXP to meet the unique challenges of the stone industry. The system combines the clarifier, water tank, and pump skid into a single unit capable of removing 95% of slurry solids with little to no maintenance. The WAVEXP comes standard with a suite of useful features, including user-friendly controls and a compact design. 


Great Water Quality 

With the WAVEXP, you’ll never have to wait for water again. By the numbers, the WAVEXP is the highest-performing tube settler in the world and can process anywhere from 35 Gallons per Minute and 400 Gallons per Minute. Its advanced flow geometry and plate pack design produce clean water to meet or even exceed operational demands in real time, reducing downtime and streamlining productivity.  

The WAVEXP is designed to dynamically adapt to changing working conditions. The system automatically adjusts purge frequency based on how often the equipment is used, so operators can feel confident using the system regardless of project constraints or industry demands.   

Compact Design 

The WAVEXP’s compact design allows it to fit comfortably into most workflows without increasing your shop footprint or compromising on water quality. In many cases, operations that replace their existing stone slurry treatment system with a WAVEXP unit end up reducing the amount of space they allocate to slurry filtration. Because the system is so compact, it can even be self-installed by shop owners.  

User-Friendly Controls 

The WAVEXP boosts shop productivity with ergonomic, user-friendly controls. Our custom, touchscreen controls are large and easy to read, with articulate error messages that allow customers to self-diagnose issues and perform effective service themselves. Because the control suite is so simple, an operator can learn to use the WAVEXP in as little as a few minutes, minimizing the time required to train new employees.  

In addition to its innovative controls, a suite of cutting-edge sensors continuously monitors the slurry filtration system and helps operators troubleshoot a range of issues—from low chemical reserves to stuck purge valves. In a worst-case scenario, the WAVEXP can shut itself down to prevent employee injury.  

Partner with Full Circle Water for Your Water Filtration System 

Full Circle Water designed the WAVEXP to revolutionize stone slurry treatment. Using our water filtration system, customers can remove 95% of solids from wastewater with virtually no downtime. Its easy-to-use controls, compact design, and top-of-the-line water filtration capabilities help project managers streamline operational productivity while complying with government regulations and remaining environmentally conscious.  

Chat with a slurry pro today to learn more about how the WAVEXP can help your operation reach its full potential!