The Benefits of a Cake Filtration System

April 15, 2022
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The modern industrial business sector is no big rock candy mountain. It requires both diligence and determination to maintain a successful business. Often, being able to adequately balance your business’s books can mean the difference between success and disappointment.

In many professional industries, there is no easier way to save money than to save time. This is why choosing the best slurry filtration equipment will be most beneficial to your company.

Which Wastewater Treatments are Best? 

There are three main types of filtration processes: Clarifying filters, Cross and low filters, or cake filters. Of these, the cake filter is the most practical for slurry filtration equipment. Clarifying filters and the cross/low filters are more useful in the biotechnology industries due to their emphasis on small particles. The cake filter is most suited to the wastewater treatment industry due to its ability to quickly and properly filter slurry mixes.

Slurry Cake Filtration

Cake filtration systems utilize a pressurized cylinder to push water through the filter, catching particles. When the particles accumulate and no longer let water pass through, the backflow pressure prevents more water from entering and the cake can be removed. Some cake filtration processes feature filters on swappable plates so that when one cake has been formed, it can be removed as a new filter is added. In this way, the filtration process can continue even as a filter is being cleaned.

Treatment Versatility

Because of its filtration process, cake filtration systems are able to customize the settings for the solution you are working with. For example. You can adjust the system for coal and cement. They both attract water differently and will require different pressure settings to optimize filtration, but with the cake filtration system, you can customize the filtration settings for each, ensuring that your cake comes out with the most particles possible.

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