The Barrier to Clean Water | Why Shop Owners Don’t Adopt Slurry Solutions

September 23, 2022
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Even if shop owners are considering ditching their slurry pit, there are still plenty of barriers in their way. Some slurry solutions do pose problems for organizations, but some products solve these issues and provide unparalleled performance.

Slurry Solutions are Difficult to Install

One of the main reasons that shops are hesitant to install slurry solutions is the difficulty. Plenty of solutions on the market need to be assembled when they arrive. The parts can often be complex, requiring hours of customer support or assistance from a technician.

Few slurry processing devices are easy enough for the average person to install. Because of this, shops should prioritize equipment that is easy to implement, with little downtime for your business.

Problems with Ease of Use

Most of the equipment you’ll see is complex. Slurry systems are complicated, making operations complicated too. Sometimes, the operation can even require special training or dedicated staff. This requires company resources you may not have or time spent training one of your current employees.

Even with trained staff, they may not be able to diagnose problems easily. Most slurry solutions have outdated interfaces, with dozens of knobs and buttons. Diagnosing problems with your machine can seem impossible, especially when you see the size of the manuals that come with them.

The right solution for you should have a user-friendly interface with alerts and diagnostics that anyone on your staff can understand.

Avoid Fines with Full Circle Water

Plenty of businesses are unaware that there are fines associated with wastewater. This is another reason shop owners have slowly adopted slurry solutions. Once business owners find out about the fines coming their way, it won’t be long until they come to us.

Full Circle Water offers your job site a slurry solution that’s compact and easy to install. Our products come with a user-friendly digital interface that anyone on your staff can use. When problems occur, a clear message displays on the screen and gives you the steps to solve it. Finally, our machines are reliable and result in as little downtime for your business as possible.

Find the right product for you, and contact us to customize it to your space.