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Decanting Silo Plants offer simple and reliable gravity settling solutions which can be coupled with many options including fully automated filter presses. The systems can process from 20 to 400 gallons per minute.

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Our award winning solutions are designed and inspired by our clients to be:

  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use

Decanting Silos are a cost effective no-nonsense tool for cleaning up water used in the concrete, pre-cast, stone and granite industries. Our proprietary steep cone design is uniquely qualified to deal with heavier slurries from water to maximize the sludge thickening process.

These systems work great on their own with our skid mounted sludge bags, or as a pre-treatment for water that will ultimately go through a filter press. When used in conjunction with a filter press it reduces filter press down time exponentially and extends press runs between cycles.

  • Fast and Productive

    In a very short amount of time, and with virtually no downtime, Our Decanting Silos can eliminate around 90% or greater of the solids created by your slurry. The steady high-volume flow and clarified water staging tank allow for constant real time processing, eliminating the inconvenience of small batches.

  • Reliable

    Decanting Silos have very few moving parts and low consumable costs and the parts on it are extremely durable, and easy to find in North America. The system removes typically over 90% of the solids out of your slurry utilizing settling, a polymer feed step, and gravity flow.

  • Easy to Use

    Very little training is needed to operate the system on a weekly basis, and very little maintenance is needed to keep the system running well. Virtually no moving parts make it reliable and simple to operate. The silos are designed to minimize plugging and facilitate cleaning and purging of collected solids.


  • Galvanized dipped, 2 part epoxy water tower paint or stainless steel options
  • Separation Feed Tube
  • Clarified Water Tank
  • Submersible Slurry Pump
  • Pit Stir System
  • Polymer Feed System
  • Air Activated Automated Purge Valve
  • Sludge Skid with De-Watering Bag
  • Re-press Pump Skid


  • ph Balancing Skids
  • Mixing Chambers for Chemical Additives
  • Filter Press Dewatering
  • Automated Controls
  • Customized Integration with Existing Equipment

Full Circle Water has thousands of satisfied clients throughout North America
We manufacture equipment right here in St Joseph, MN
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Stone, granite and glass fabrication shops throughout North America understand the need to recycle their sludge water. Not only does stone water recycling allow water reuse and significantly reduce water use and costs – collecting the sludge aids in meeting federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances.