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RS40 Plant

Economic solutions for small shops
Our Rapid Settlement Systems have become the industry standard in stone shops all over America.

RS80 Plant

80 gpm of Cleaning Capacity for mid-size shops
For mid-size stone fabricators. Especially good for automated polishing applications.

RS140 Plant

For Multiple Bridge Saws and CNC Applications
These systems can manage peak volumes with up to four large cutting machines and multiple polishers.

RS200 Plant

Ultra High Volume with Automatic Filter Press
Automated filter press technology is effective on larger systems with custom user definable programming.

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Our award winning solutions are designed and inspired by our clients to be:

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  • Cost Effective
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Full Circle Water has thousands of satisfied clients throughout North America

FCW developed the Rapid Settlement System Plants over 10 years ago and have over 500 systems throughout North America. The plants utilize inclined plates to greatly increase the water quality and efficiently clarify large volumes of slurry water with very little time, space, and energy. RSS plants can be incorporated with filter presses and other water treatment equipment for specific applications.

Rapid Settlement Systems come in 4 standard models designed to operate from 40 to 200 gallons per minute in most wastewater applications. The wastewater plant utilizes our proprietary inclined plate clarifier to efficiently allow removal of approximately 90% of the suspended solids out of the wastewater in real time and with virtually no energy. The system requires very little staff maintenance compared with other liquid solid separation technologies. Plants incorporate many features and options including control packages, slurry pumps, chemical feed, mixing, liquid solid separation, dewatering, pH balancing.


  • Expoxy painted or Full galvanized dip
  • 56 and 60 degree HDPE plates
  • Flanged cone bottom and output fittings
  • Polymer Feed System
  • Sludge Bag & Skid
  • Control Panel
  • Repress Pump Skid
  • Slurry Pit Storm


  • Expandable construction for increased productivity
  • Filter press
  • Automated controls
  • Adjustable legs for special clearance requirements
  • Sludge skids for multiple bags or cake disposal
  • Fully automated filter presses
  • Short term rentals available

We manufacture equipment right here in St Joseph, MN
We are family owned and believe you should be demanding of the equipment we manufacture

Stone, granite and glass fabrication shops throughout North America understand the need to recycle their sludge water. Not only does stone water recycling allow water reuse and significantly reduce water use and costs – collecting the sludge aids in meeting federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances.