Stone Water Regulatory Issues

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Stone Water Regulatory Issues

Stone industry water regulations are challenging. They are implemented by the federal government, by state governments, by agencies (groundwater associations, rural water districts, watershed districts, environmental and health departments), by county environmental departments, by municipalities, by state game and fish departments, and by waste water treatment plants. It can be daunting. Unlike many environmental engineering firms we will offer quick sound advice on regulatory issues that impact your business.

Stone, glass, and granite processing facilities that have bodies of water nearby may need to obtain water discharge permits from their state pollution control agency or the EPA. Please follow the links to the right for further information.

Many firms lack the resources and expertise to understand industrial water and wastewater regulations. They worry daily about their discharge but fear the unknown costs to solve the problem. Unfortunately it is expensive and risky to be found in non-compliance. Pollution control authorities are more understanding of small infractions from a firm that is making an effort to comply than from a firm that has made no effort. Full Circle Water is your partner to economically meet regulatory standards.

Stone, glass, and granite water slurry producers must to be aware that they are liable for the wastes they produce. Paying firms to dispose of these wastes does not eliminate this liability. It is important for you to understand the regulations that impact your business and to have a plan to effectively deal with them. Please contact us today for a initial consultation at no cost to you.

Helpful Links:

US Environmental Protection Agency

Pollution Control Agency – PCA


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