Stone, granite and glass fabrication shops throughout North America understand the need to recycle their sludge water. Not only does stone water recycling allow water reuse and significantly reduce water use and costs – collecting the sludge aids in meeting federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances.

Stone industry water involves multiple challenges. Individual stones such as granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and fieldstone each have unique characteristics. Glass is similar to these stones. Pristine Environmental understands the challenges and offers industrial wastewater solutions such as filter press, lamella clarifier, vacuum drums, and silo systems.

Many of today’s consumers are searching for fabricators that utilize environmentally friendly business practices. Recycling water can be one of your most important marketing benefits.

Sludge water produced from stone fabrication presents unique challenges in sludge removal and in recycling of the water. The nature of the slurry varies by stone type, by shop equipment mix and by specific operation of equipment. The largest issue is the removal of suspended solids (slurry) from the waste water.

Offering multiple solutions to your challenging problems makes Pristine unique. Most manufacturers offer one technology. Many times this leads to unsatisfactory results and an unhappy customer.