SLS 120
Silo Plant

Clean My Water

Cost effective no-nonsense tool for cleaning up water used in the concrete, pre-cast, stone and granite industries.



Control Panel

Provides user defined settings to allow for complete control over your system.

Polymer Feed System

Proprietary polymer introduced to your slurry as it enters the clarifier to ensure faster settling.

Automatic Filter Press

Clarified Water Tank

clarified water tank stores filter press water for redistribution and ensures no downtime during production surges

Repress Pump Skid

Programable pump skids are spec'd to provide adequate pressure back to your cutting equipment.

Slurry Pit Storm

Optional pit stir system keeps solids from settling in the pit.

Slurry Silo
120 Plant

  • Very Economical
  • Dewatering bags or filter presses
  • Small footprint
  • Galvanized and stainless options

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Slurry Silo 120 Plant

SLS 120 plants are an effective method for clarifying high volumes of slurry water produced from a variety of processes that utilize water and have waste slurries laden with solids.  The plants are sized for your specific needs and allow for reuse of the clarified water in most applications.  Slurry Silo 120 plants rely on the principle of gravity to separate the solids from the water stream.  The Silos also utilize filter presses on most applications to more fully clean and dewater the slurry waste. This allows convenient handling and disposal at higher solids volumes.

To enhance the weight of the particles Slurry Silos use a blend of proprietary polymers.  These are automatically injected into the waste stream in very minute amounts to change the chemical charge of the slurry solids.  This encourages the particles to conglomerate which speeds up their settling rates dramatically.  The settling particles grab onto stray particles in the water as they settle into the cone bottom further clarifying and scrubbing the water clean.

SLS 120 plants are a significant improvement over settling pits and ponds.  These systems can eliminate the need to excavate or vacuum pump pits, tanks, or settling ponds.  The plants help to ensure compliance with discharge regulations.

  • Two stage industrial epoxy paint for durable finish
  • User definable programming
  • One or two stage polymer feed systems
  • Skid mounted sludge bags for easy disposal of solids
  • Addition of Filter Press increases capacity

SLS 120 plants can be combined with a variety of pumps and controls along with other technologies to improve water quality, clarity, volume of water for reuse and dryness of the sludge collected for disposal.  Some users of SLS 120 plants are able to avoid waste hauling of sludge altogether as alternative uses for the collected solids are identified.  Full reuse of the water and solids typically lowers operational costs and offers the lowest environmental impact for your slurry water process.


  • Slurry Silo 120 Clarifier
  • Polymer Feed System
  • Filter Press
  • Control Panel
  • Clarified Water Tank
  • Repress Pump Skid
  • Slurry Pit Storm


  • Expandable construction for increased productivity
  • Automated controls
  • Different height presses for meeting your current equipment needs
  • Plate shifters
  • Fully automated presses
  • Incorporating new components into existing and used filter press equipment
  • Short term rentals available

Slurry Silo

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Sludge Skid

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Chemical Feed

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Slurry Pit Storm

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Slurry Silo in Operation

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