Cost effective no-nonsense tool for cleaning up water used in the concrete, pre-cast, stone and granite industries.

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Slurry silo decantering tower clarifies slurry water, and solids thicken in the steep bottom cone.

Galvanized Finish

Steep Thickening Cone

Automated Purge Valve

Adjustable Legs

Slurry Silo

  • Simple to use
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Galvanized and stainless options
  • Decants a wide range of slurry

Solutions for slurry water


Slurry Silo

Do you need a cost-effective, no-nonsense tool for cleaning up your wastewater? The Slurry Silo is an ideal option for a variety of applications. The system quickly removes over 90% of the solids out of your slurry utilizing settling, a polymer feed step, and gravity flow. The proprietary steep cone design is uniquely qualified to handle heavier slurries from water to maximize the sludge thickening process.

The Slurry Silo is a reliable system with few moving parts, requiring very little training to operate the system and virtually no downtime. At a low consumable cost, the steady high-volume flow and clarified water staging tank allow for constant real time processing. This eliminates the inconvenience of small batches. The system features galvanized parts, making the equipment durable and long-lasting.

How does it work?

Like our Rapid Settlement Systems, the Slurry Silo is a type of clarifier that relies on gravity. The silos are designed to minimize plugging and facilitate cleaning and purging of collected solids. Because there are few moving parts, it’s both reliable and simple to operate. You won’t need to spend excessive time on maintenance or cleaning.

These systems work great on their own with our skid mounted sludge bags. Sludge collects in a specially-designed porous bag, where the remaining water weeps out. Once the bag is full, it can be removed by a forklift. The Slurry Silo also works well as a pre-treatment for water that will ultimately go through a filter press. When used in conjunction with a filter press, the Slurry Silo reduces filter press down time exponentially and extends press runs between cycles.

What applications is it used for?

The design of the Slurry Silo is a bit simpler than the Rapid Settlement System and doesn’t rely on plates, which means that it works best for applications with solids that settle very quickly, like sandstone and concrete.

Are they all they all the same?

Slurry Silos can be customized to your particular needs. The equipment lends itself well to a larger system—for instance a Filter Press Plant. Additional features can be incorporated into your Slurry Silo, such as mixers, scrapers, and automatic vs. manual purge valves to provide you a deeper level of control over your wastewater operation.


  • Decanting silo
  • Adjustable legs
  • Steep thickening cone
  • Galvanized finish
  • Automatic or manual purge valve
  • Dewatering sludge skid


  • pH balancing skid
  • Gear reducing mixers and scrapers
  • Filter press dewatering
  • Stainless steel
  • Automatic filter press
  • Customized integration with existing equipment

“I would definitely recommend Full Circle Water for anybody that is interested in your products or services. The installers came to work early, stayed late, and made sure all of our questions were answered.”Larry Wild, Yochum Inc.
“I worked with Joe for about a year, and he helped me design a system that runs all day long every day without any problems, and removes a majority of the solids out of my water.”John Sitch, Floorazzo

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