RSS 40 Rapid
Settlement Plant

Clean My Water

Process your slurry in REAL TIME with no require scheduled downtime for ongoing maintenance in most applications.



Inclined plate clarifier with 100’S square Feet of HDPE Plates to greatly increase water clarity.

Center Feed Tube

Allows for faster settling of solids to be fed into the filter press.

Control Panel

Provides user defined settings to allow for complete control over your system.

Polymer Feed System

Proprietary polymer introduced to your slurry as it enters the clarifier to ensure faster settling.

Sludge Bag & Skid

Galvanized dipped forkliftable skids that allow easy handling of sludge dewatering bags.

Clarified Water Tank

Second clarified water tank stores filter press water for redistribution and ensures no downtime during production surges

Repress Pump Skid

Programable pump skids are spec'd to provide adequate pressure back to your cutting equipment.

Slurry Pit Storm

Optional pit stir system keeps solids from settling in the pit.

Rapid Settlement

  • Simple to use
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Over 95% of solids removed
  • Most popular system in the USA over the past 10 years

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Rapid Settlement 40 Plant

Full Circle Water developed the Rapid Settlement System Plants over 10 years ago and have over 500 systems throughout North America.  Over the 10 years customer feedback and staff input has helped contribute to effective updates in performance and effectiveness in the design, sizing, and specifications of the systems.

The RS40 Plant is designed to operate around 25 to 40 gallons per minute in most wastewater applications.  The wastewater plant utilizes our proprietary inclined plate clarifier to efficiently allow removal of approximately 90% of the suspended solids out of the wastewater in real time and with virtually no energy.  The system requires very little staff maintenance compared with other liquid solid separation technologies.  Plants incorporate many features and options including control packages, slurry pumps, chemical feed, mixing, liquid solid separation, dewatering, pH balancing



  • RS40 Clarifier
  • Center Feed Tube
  • Clarified Water Tank
  • Polymer Feed System
  • Sludge Bag
  • Filter Press
  • Control Panel
  • Clarified Water Tank
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • Repress Pump Skid
  • Dump Cart
  • Slurry Pit Storm


  • Expandable construction for increased productivity
  • Automated controls
  • Different height presses for meeting your current equipment needs
  • Sludge dumpsters
  • Plate shifters
  • Fully automated presses
  • Incorporating new components into existing and used filter press equipment
  • Short term rentals available

RS System


Filter Press


Chemical Feed


Slurry Pit Storm


RS System in Operation

“I would definitely recommend Full Circle Water for anybody that is interested in your products or services. The installers came to work early, stayed late, and made sure all of our questions were answered.”Larry Wild, Yochum Inc.
“I would recommend Full Circle Water to anybody.”Brad Norris, envyR Surfaces

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