Repress Pump

Clean My Water

Skid mounted durable pump solutions with VFD and redundant pump options.


Control Panel



  • Skid mounted & plumbed service
  • Convenient valving
  • Control options including soft start & VFD
  • Galvanized plate steel stand

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Repress Pump

Repress Pumps, also referred to as repressurized pumps, are durable pump solutions manufactured and assembled by Full Circle Water. The Repress Pump draws clean water from the tanks that are fed by a clarifier. They have variable frequency drive (VFD) options with redundant pump options, making them a great option for a variety of uses. They are often skid mounted and referred to as pump skids.

Repress Pumps can be made with galvanized dipped metal or stainless steel, or they can be powder coated. Pump skids are pre-plumbed with all the necessary valves, unions, and gauges to augment installation and service. Controls are available in a variety of voltages and features to meet your specific needs. They are also available in a wide range of flows and pressures.

Utilizing duplex pumps has become increasingly popular. One pump is in use and one rests each day. The combined low cost of ownership and downtime savings are advantageous with this method. VFD panels are also frequently utilized to maintain constant pressure and reduce energy and pump wear.


  • Controls – available in a variety of voltages and styles
  • Motors – high efficiency options for long life
  • Valving – for convenient servicing of the pump and motor
  • Heavy duty plumbing – for long useful life
  • Variable frequency drive options available


  • Choice of materials, metals, and PVC pipe
  • Voltages to match your needs
  • Duplex pump packages (to eliminate service downtime)

“You guys were great to work with. I had a lot of issues getting my building ready and your guys were flexible and bent over backwards to help me, and the system runs great..”Alex Spagnolo, Sendona Marble & Granite
“I would definitely recommend Full Circle Water for anybody that is interested in your products or services. The installers came to work early, stayed late, and made sure all of our questions were answered.”Larry Wild, Yochum Inc.

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