For more than 10 years the Pristine Environmental Rapid Settlement Systems have been the gold standard for fabricators of Stone and Granite. For both countertop shops, and architectural stone companies, their low impact footprint, 95% uptime, and very low maintenance and consumable costs are the main attractions. In their simplicity, they remove more than 90% of the solids out of stone and granite slurry and outshine other processes.

What makes them work so well?

Utilizing inclined plate clarifier technology along with proven components and fully customizable options, Rapid Settlement Systems are very effective in a wide range of applications. Most units come standard with a long lasting galvanized finish. Adjustable legs offer a wide range of operational heights and provide for inexpensive shipping and convenient assembly.

Are they all they all the same?

RSS equipment comes with a host of options including automated purges, pumps, chemistry, storage tanks, sludge handling via weeping bags or automated filter presses, as well as a host of control options to provide the level of sophistication you want and need in your particular operation.

For higher volume shops in the stone and granite industry, our Rapid Settlement Systems can be paired with an automated filter press for even higher volume and cleaner water. Used in place of our standard sludge bag, our automated filter presses are fully programmable, and able to cycle as much as three times an hour. For stone and granite fabricators already utilizing filter press technology but are experiencing high downtime for maintenance, there can often be success by installing one of our Rapid Settlement Systems in front of the press to increase uptime.
Water from Rapid Settlement Systems is clean enough for most machines, but for highly sensitive CNC machines, sometimes it is beneficial and saves expensive maintenance to install an Industrial pleated sediment filter.