Rapid Settlement
water system

Process your slurry in REAL TIME with no require scheduled downtime for ongoing maintenance in most applications.

RSS 40

RSS 40

RSS 80

RSS 80

RSS 140

RSS 140

RSS 200

RSS 200


Adjustable Legs

Galvanized Finish

Customized Bulkhead Fittings

56 to 60 degree inclined surfaces

Reinforced Frame

Flanged Output

  • Simple to use
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Removes vast majority of solids
  • Galvanized and stainless options

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Rapid Settlement System

Gone are the days of messy settlement ponds. Instead of building a large pond to dump wastewater, circulate water through it, and wait for the particles to settle out, you could rely on a much more space efficient system like Full Circle Water’s Rapid Settlement System (RSS). Much like a settlement pond, the Rapid Settlement System—a type of clarifier—relies on gravity to precipitate waste particles out of water. However, instead of needing a backhoe to clean out a settlement pond, solid wastes are easily gathered in and maneuvered with an RSS.

Full Circle Water’s Rapid Settlement Systems are unmatched in their ability to remove 95% of the solids from industrial water with very little time and effort while handling flow rates up to 200 gpm. Not only do they have a low impact footprint and low consumable cost, they require little maintenance and do not typically require much downtime.

What makes them work so well?

Imagine throwing a handful of sand into a body of water. Over time, it would sink without the use of chemicals, wouldn’t it? The Rapid Settlement System takes this concept to the extreme. The Rapid Settlement System utilizes inclined plate clarifier technology and the highest quality components to offer you an inexpensive wastewater solution that is both convenient and easy to use. Simply set up the RSS in a corner of your shop, and you can trust it to run efficiently without requiring extensive downtime for cleaning. Most units come standard with a long-lasting galvanized finish. Adjustable legs offer a wide range of operational heights and allow for inexpensive shipping and convenient assembly.

What applications is it used for? 

Rapid Settlement Systems are very effective in a wide range of applications. They’re popular in stone and concrete shops and the mining industry. If you need water that will be reused again in the shop, this is the ideal option. It removes 95% of solids from your water. Water may come out a bit cloudy or with some particulate matter in it, which makes RSS equipment run great in stone cutting and polishing shops. If you need water that is crystal clear, see our Filter Presses.

Are they all they all the same?

Rapid Settlement Systems can be customized to suit your particular industry. The equipment allows for a host of additional features, including automated purges, pumps, storage tanks, a slurry pit storm, proprietary polymer feed system, and sludge removal options. You can also choose from an assortment of control options to provide the level of sophistication you want and need in your particular operation.

Depending on the size of your application, choose from the RSS 40, RSS 80, RSS 140, or the RSS 200.


  • HDPE plates
  • 56 to 60 Degree inclined surfaces
  • Standard galvanized finish
  • Telescopic legs
  • Adjustable heights
  • Flanged outputs


  • Slurry pit storm
  • Slurry skid
  • Automated purge valve
  • DAF bubbler
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom painted
  • Filter Press

“I worked with Joe for about a year, and he helped me design a system that runs all day long every day without any problems, and removes a majority of the solids out of my water.”John Sitch, Floorazzo
“You guys were great to work with. I had a lot of issues getting my building ready and your guys were flexible and bent over backwards to help me, and the system runs great.”Alex Spagnolo, Sendona Marble & Granite

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