Portable Filter Press-Mud Hen

  • Only need air to operate
  • Durable powder-loaded frames
  • Easy-to-operate control interface
  • Multiple sizes

Solutions for slurry water

Clean My Water

Portable Filter Press-Mud Hen

The MudHen series of portable slurry water systems has been designed for handling difficult slurries on site. The systems only require compressed air to operate, and are easily moved from jobsite to jobsite. Standard systems process from 2 to 25 gallons per minute. Larger systems can process up to 120 gallons per minute and still allow for portable use.

Mudhens can be used for most slurry water applications.  Originally designed for the demanding world of concrete – options include pH adjustment, larger pumps, slab carts, and trailer mounts. The equipment can be configured and utilized in many ways.  It can pull slurry water out of your containers, out of a pool, or any vessel.  It can clean the water and put it to drain, or back into a container for reuse in your equipment.  Whatever your needs – wheel it into an elevator – or through a doorway into your work area.  Mudhens can be used just to clean a dumpster, pit, or water tank and recirculate the water until the vessle is clean.

Utilizes large casters to easily move the unit around a job site. Simple mechanical controls and heavy duty construction eliminate employee errors and problems.

Built to last, and when service is needed our technicians are available 24/7 to help. Components are carefully selected to minimize downtime.

Comes standard at over 200 gallons per hour of processing capacity and can be easily accessorized with a larger compressor to handle over 500 gallons per hour of capacity. The concrete water system can outpace most teams of concrete professionals that saw and grind with industrial equipment.


  • Portable
  • Easy controls
  • Simple operation
  • Filter Press


  • Expandable construction
    for increased productivity
  • Short term rentals available
Mudhen Portable slurry systems

Mudhen 1

Economic solutions for small shops.

Over 200 gallons per hour of slurry water can be treated – cleaning takes less than 3 minutes.

Mudhen 1
Mudhen Portable slurry systems

Mudhen 2

Twice the cleaning capacity of the Mudhen 1.

The system can be designed with the portable sludge slab cart – or you can use a wheelbarrow.

Mudhen 2
Mudhen Portable slurry systems

Mudhen Mini

A truly portable concrete slurry water system.

Through unimproved job sites and difficult terrain, you can get it right where you need it.

Mudhen Mini
Mudhen Portable slurry systems

Mudhen Max

At a processing speed of 21 gpm, this machine is king.

For large job sites requiring a high volume of slurry to be processed efficiently and effectively.

Mudhen Max

“The Mud Hen is a very valuable asset to our business.”Chris Williams, Cardinal Concrete Coatings
“The Mud Hen is extremely durable and dependable. If I do have any questions they respond immediately.”Javier Lopez, A Cut Above Concrete Polishing

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