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Product Spotlight: Slurry Silo

October 14, 2022
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When you work in the concrete and stone industries, wastewater is inevitable. It’s a byproduct of the work you do. While you can’t change the fact that wastewater is going to be produced, you can change how you deal with it—for the better.

Properly handling wastewater isn’t just about complying with local and federal regulations. It’s also about doing the right thing for the environment. Fortunately, with the Slurry Silo from Full Circle Water, the right thing can also be the easy thing.

What is the Slurry Silo?

If you’ve been searching for slurry solutions, look no further than the Slurry Silo from Full Circle Water, the most innovative and effective wastewater solution on the market.

The Slurry Silo properly filters wastewater produced from concrete and stone fabrication, allowing it to either be reused or correctly disposed of. The suspended solids—also known as slurry—left over in wastewater need to be filtered out and separated from the water itself. That’s where the Slurry Silo comes in.

How Does the Slurry Silo Work?

Dirty water left over after fabrication is pumped into the Slurry Silo. Here, special polymers help the concrete and stone slurry group together and settle at the bottom of the slurry silo plant. There’s a central feed tube in the middle of the Slurry Silo that allows clarified water to flow through and into a nearby collection tank. This water can either be used again or eliminated in line with local and federal regulations.

The Slurry Silo also prepares leftover stone and concrete slurry for disposal. The slurry moves into an automated press, where it is dewatered and turned into slurry cakes, which drop into the hopper for easy disposal.

Full Circle Water’s Slurry Silo is ideal for use in wastewater disposal from the stone, granite, glass, and concrete industries and can be customized to your unique slurry needs.

The Benefits of the Slurry Silo


slurry silo benefits infographic


Traditionally, wastewater filtering and disposal have presented a wide range of challenges, making it both difficult and time-consuming. The Slurry Silo seeks to make the disposal of concrete slurry easier by simply and effectively decanting wastewater.


Some other wastewater filtration solutions are too expensive to make them an accessible solution. Others are more affordable, but they don’t do the job as well as they should.

With the Slurry Silo, you get the best of both worlds. This cost-effective product can filter high volumes of stone slurry and wastewater, producing clarified water that won’t disappoint.


The most effective slurry solutions can filter high volumes of wastewater in a short amount of time. The Slurry Silo delivers on this front. The tank size can be customized to the specific needs of your operation, and best of all, you won’t have to waste excess time and effort on the maintenance of the silo plant system. The Slurry Silo’s design ensures that only a minimal amount of time will need to be spent on maintaining and cleaning the machine.

Tech Savvy

The Slurry Silo makes the most of modern technology features to create a streamlined filtration process. The Slurry Silo has a touchscreen that allows you to easily customize its running parameters. There are also built-in diagnostics for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. The entire process is automated and hands-free, so you can keep your attention on the more important aspects of your operation.

Choose the Best Slurry Solution Available

Properly filtering wastewater left over after stone fabrication is a necessity in the concrete and stone industries, and the Slurry Silo from Full Circle Water takes all the hard work out of the filtration process. When you choose the Slurry Silo, you can rest assured that your wastewater will be properly filtered and clarified, allowing it to be reused or safely disposed of. It’s the best slurry solution available for meeting government regulations, as well as doing what’s right for the environment and your local community.

Contact a Slurry Pro today to find out more about what the Slurry Silo and Full Circle Water can do for your company!