There is no end to the different solids that can end up in water used for industrial purposes, and they need to come out. As excited as we are about cleaning up slurry water and finding solutions for our partners, if you have the problem sometimes having to make that call is not as fun as us getting it. We understand that, and also understand the importance of a cost-effective solution that solves the problem. Adaptive and evolving is one of our core values. And even though our company is growing, we have decided we are never going to be too big to stop learning or take on special projects.

How does it happen?

Pristine provides consulting services, design and specification, fabrication, installation, and service. Manufacturing many of our own products and components provides our clients with a one stop solution. Not every client needs every one of the services that we provide, but every client gets our full attention when it comes to helping figure out the solution.

We work closely with you to understand their water and wastewater applications, your budgets, and your goals. Your satisfaction with each project and piece of equipment is paramount to our success.

Some of our products:

  • Filter press and plate and frame press equipment
  • Commercial reverse osmosis
  • Lamella clarifier and inclined plate clarifier systems
  • Water jet water solutions
  • Water recycling systems

Please contact us about your specific inquiry.

Rare Earth

When extracting rare earth element properties of water-friendly and water-repellent materials you are left with slurry water.

Heavy Metals

A metal of relatively high density, or of high relative atomic weight.


When working with glass and water a very fine slurry is created and often has to be dealt with.  We have worked with glass manufactures to handle their slurry water needs.

Large Construction Sites

Large constructions sites have a different set of slurry water challenges that small work sites don’t have to deal with.  We know the difference and offer services to assist you with those types of large scale water needs.

Construction Projects

Construction projects have a unique set of slurry water challenges.  We know your needs when it comes to water recycling.


Mining creates a slurry water that must be addressed in a timely manner.  We know your needs when it comes to water recycling.


Do you have a situation that needs the water separated out and removed from slurry leaving you with the product you are looking for?  We know your needs when it comes to DeWatering.

Metal Working

We know your needs when it comes to metal working slurry water.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry has a very specialized water recycling need.  We know your needs when it comes to that type of water.

Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Here is a section of the water recycling industry that works really hard at exceeding the needs of its customers and they will never know.  We know your needs when it comes to this type of water.